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3 Reasons to Have a Laundry Room Near the Master Bedroom

Posted by Ryann Minkler on Sep 3, 2016 7:00:00 AM

3-Reasons-to-Have-a-Laundry-Room-Near-the-Master-Bedroom.jpgAs remodelers, one of the debates we hear on a fairly regular basis centers around where to locate the laundry room. If you’re considering remodeling your Naples-area home, this may be an issue you’re facing.

Let’s be clear: It’s not that there’s a universally accepted rule about where to place your washer and dryer. The remodeling police probably won’t issue you a citation if you choose a location that’s different from what they suggest. That being said, let’s look at three reasons why having your laundry room near your master bedroom may make sense for you.

1. It’s Where the Laundry Is

If convenience is important to you, you may not want to lug laundry baskets all over the house. A large precentage of the laundry you wash is generated in or near the master bedroom. That’s where your clothes (and probably your clothes hamper) are. It’s where your bed linens are. It’s probably also where the most dirty towels come from. If you situate your laundry room near the source of the dirty laundry, it makes it that much quicker and easier to get that dirty laundre where it needs to go.

2. It Makes Things Easier as You Mature

Increasing numbers of Americans are choosing to stay in their own homes longer. One thing that makes that more manageable is arranging things so that you have easier access to daily routines and tasks. Hauling a laundry basket up and down stairs becomes increasingly difficult with age. Stairs themselves (even when you’re not carrying something) can be challenging. If you can locate your laundry room near your master bedroom, you can minimize the danger of tripping on the stairs while carrying a basket that obstructs your view.

3. It Keeps Private Things Private

We’ve all heard about not “airing dirty laundry.” Some of us take that fairly literally. We’d really prefer not to have laundry laying around where guests might see it. A lot of homes have a laundry room off the kitchen (which can be convenient), but because more and more of us use our kitchens as entertainment areas, that can detract from the kitchen’s attractiveness. Keeping the laundry in the “family-only” section of the home ensures that guests won’t be exposed.

Of course you’re free to locate your laundry room wherever it suits your needs and preferences the best. But if you’re in a situation in which your home remodeling project could include moving your laundry room, it’s worth considering the benfits of locating that room near your master bedroom.


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