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3 Reasons You Should Consider Remodeling Your Naples Home in the Summer

Posted by Chris Reed on Feb 20, 2015 8:17:00 AM

3-reasons-you-should-consider-remodeling-your-Naples-home-in-the-summerWhen people think about things to do in Florida in the summer, physical labor usually isn’t at the top of their list. Let’s face it; with average temperatures in the 90s in Naples from June through September, demanding physical exertion doesn’t sound all that attractive.

And yet, the summer months are a great time for home remodeling. How can that be?

Qualified Workers

We all know that a lot of people flock to Florida in the winter to avoid the freezing weather up north—and then hightail it out of state when things heat up. The thing is, it’s not just retirees who head out of town during the summer months. There are a lot of seasonal laborers who follow that same pattern. They want to work in Florida during the winter and then head north to work there in the summer months. The ones who remain year round are the ones who really know the area—and what it takes to do a quality-remodeling job on a Florida home.

Remodeler Availability

It’s a matter of simple supply and demand. Because a lot of Naples residents head north for the summer, there’s less demand for remodeler services during those months. That means as a homeowner you have more control over the schedule and have a better chance of getting the professional remodeler you want.

You Can Have the Work Done While You’re Gone

Maybe you’re one of the area residents who takes a little time off in the summer months to get out of town and explore other areas of the country. If you plan ahead and schedule your remodeling project in advance, you can have the work done while you’re out of the home and avoid some of the disruption that remodeling causes. Maybe you’ll want to be there at the beginning of the project and then check in periodically. Your newly remodeled home can be waiting for you when you return. You get all the benefits of professional remodeling—without the dust and noise!

Of course you don’t want to have just anyone working on your home when you’re not there. That kind of arrangement requires a certain level of trust. Here’s what one of our recent clients said about working with us “long distance.”

"It was very reassuring to have the project completed so efficiently, since I live in Virginia and couldn’t manage the project myself." – Janette Scott

We think our satisfied clients offer the best possible assurance of what it’s like to work with us. You can check out other client comments here.

Summer is a great time to take advantage of qualified workers, schedule availability, and the opportunity to have work done while you’re away. We’d love to talk to you about making your Naples home everything you want it to be this summer!

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