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3 Remodeling Projects that Can Transform Your Naples Home

Posted by Ryann Minkler on Apr 7, 2015 5:32:00 PM

3-remodeling-projects-that-can-transform-your-homeAs professional remodelers in the Naples area we’re frequently asked which remodeling projects make the most sense. It’s a legitimate question, but there are at least a couple of ways to answer it.  If you do some online research you can usually find articles that address this question. The problem is, they tend to address it from a single point of view.

Most advice regarding “The Best Remodeling Projects” tends to focus on return on investment (ROI)—how much of the money you spend on the improvement will be returned to you when you eventually sell your home. While we’re all in favor of being smart with your money, we also think that there’s more to the picture than getting a good ROI when it comes to improving your home. 

That’s why when someone asks about which remodeling project will have the most impact, we like to turn that question around and ask them: “Where do you spend most of your time?” The goal of home improvement is to improve your quality of life. 

We think that’s why so many of our clients focus on the following areas when they remodel. These are the places they spend time—whether it’s by themselves or with others. 


It’s no surprise that the kitchen often tops the list of remodeled rooms. It’s both a functional workroom and (increasingly) a center of social interaction. Remodeling your kitchen should address both of those things. Great design and execution in the remodeling of your kitchen should make it more attractive, but it should also make it easier to perform the everyday tasks you perform there. You want to look forward to walking into your kitchen because preparing food and entertaining is so much easier. You also want your kitchen to look great because that’s where family and friends tend to hang out. 

Family Room

These days families also spend a lot of time in their family rooms. But today’s family rooms are a far cry from the old formal living rooms of years ago. Today these spaces are often larger, multi-purpose rooms. They need to be comfortable for quiet conversation, reading alone, or watching movies with friends and family. And they need to be fluid—allowing both guests and family members to wander in and out.

Master Bathroom

This room remains perhaps the most personal room in the home. It’s not a room for guests—it’s a room for you. Some people like to treat it as a personal spa—a place to retreat from the cares of the world. Others are content to have it be a place where it’s convenient and comfortable to get ready to the day—or the evening. Some homeowners even debate whether they should include a tub in their bathroom or not. Regardless of how you view your master bath—it’s an important room when it comes to your comfort.

Interestingly enough, those three areas tend to be the most popular rooms to remodel (and generally provide the best ROI!). But when you’re thinking about remodeling, the big question should be: “What will make the biggest difference in your enjoyment of your home?”  For you, your deck or patio may be where you spend the majority of your time. Or if you’re really a film buff, having a dedicated home theater may be more important that having a spa-like bathroom. 

It’s your castle—and you’re the King or Queen!


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