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4 Bathroom Remodeling Must-Haves for Your Naples, Florida Home

Posted by Ryann Minkler on May 24, 2017 7:14:00 AM

4-Bathroom-Remodeling-Must-Haves-for-Your-Naples-Florida-Home .jpgWhen you’ve decided the time is right to remodel the bathroom in your Naples-area home, you want to make sure you’ll be happy with the results for years down the road. After all, this is a room that you use multiple times each and every day. That means you want it to be a room that’s comfortable and meets your needs. Plus, you want it to be a room that reflects your personal sense of style. To put it another way, you want your bathroom to feel good and to look great.

Keep in mind that when you tackle this essential room in your Naples-area home, you’re not trying to cut corners. That doesn’t mean you ignore your budget, but this is one of those rooms in your home where it actually makes sense to splurge a bit—because you’ll use it every day.

So what are the essentials for making that happen? Here’s a look at X bathroom remodeling “must-haves” for your Naples, Florida home.

1. Think About the Sink

 You’ll use your sink a lot. When it comes to practicality and usability, one question you’ll face is whether to install a single sink or a double sink. It space isn’t an issue, a double sink make a lot of sense. There’s never any waiting and you don’t have to look at someone else’s “mess.”

VesselSink.jpgBeyond functionality, however, there are a lot of other options when it comes to style. For an unusual look, you might want to choose a vessel sink that sits on top of your countertop like a piece of art, like the beautiful blue bowl-style sink you see featured here.

UnderCounterSink.jpgPerhaps your taste runs more toward an under-counter style sink such as the double sink you see pictured here. There are of course additional choices, such as pedestal sinks (which can be single-or double, based on your preference), or very modern and sleek “washplane” sinks. Keep functionality in mind as you choose a style. You may want to go fun and trendy in your powder room, where the main function is hand washing and choose something more versatile for your master bath. 

2.Soak, Shower, or Both


It may be called a bathroom, but you may or may not want to include an actual bath in this room. That’s your choice! You may want a unique shower, such as the multi-headed shower you see pictured here.

Walk-in.jpgOr you may prefer a large walk-in shower like the one you see here. Not only are walk-in showers very popular right now, but they’re also elegant, and easy to get in and out of. On top of that, they are a great feature to have in the bathroom as you mature since they have no steps to contend with.

 Some homeowners will like to have a tub to soak in when they feel like it. Here’s a look at a solution that gives you both options. You have a walk-in shower for everyday use and also have the option of a tub to soak in when you feel like it. It’s the best of both worlds!

3. Don’t Forget Storage Space

Storage.jpg It’s easy to overlook storage space when planning a bathroom, but it’s one of those things that really make the room more comfortable. One of the keys to an uncluttered bathroom is making sure you have plenty of space to keep things so that your beautiful countertops stay clear and highly visible.Storage2.jpg

Here’s a look at a built-in cabinet that provides plenty of storage space for personal items down below while using “open shelving” (with a bit of a twist) for towels up above. Plus, the warm wood works well with the sink material it’s next to.

And here’s a different look at a storage solution. This approach uses space in the entryway to the bathroom for storage, leaving the space above the sinks free for large, well-lit mirrors.

4. Let There Be Lighting

Makeup_Area.jpgThinking about your lighting needs is essential for planning a bathroom that will look nice and meet your daily needs. In this make-up area there is an abundance of light (and multiple mirrors) so that you’re lit from every side. There is light at the right height if you’re standing at the sink—or if you’re seated at the counter. It makes getting ready for your day or getting ready for bed a much more pleasant experience.


All of the images you see here are from bathrooms we’ve remodeled in the Naples area. For additional images, click here and then click on the photo to see some of the other solutions we created with and for our clients.


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