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5 Advantages to Remodeling Your Naples Home

Posted by Chris Reed on Mar 3, 2015 10:45:27 AM

5-advantages-to-remodeling-your-Naples-homeIf you’ve been in your Naples-area home for a while you may be feeling like it’s time to make a change or two. It’s possible to get so comfortable in your own home that it actually becomes uncomfortable. You can live with a nagging problem so long that you just come to accept it. Or you hardly notice your surroundings anymore because they’re just a little too familiar. Maybe you’ve even thought about moving out and starting all over again—just for a change.

Before you schedule the moving van, you may want to think through some of advantages of staying where you are and remodeling your existing home or condo. Here are five good reasons to start anew—right where you are.

You Know What You’ve Got

If you’ve been in your home for a while, you know the ins and outs of the structure. There probably are no big surprises that are going to trip you up financially. You know the neighborhood and you probably have a pretty well established routine.  If you move, you don’t know for sure what you’re getting into (even with an inspection). Plus you may have to find new places for shopping, dining, doctor visits, etc. Here’s another helpful post that looks at remodeling versus moving.

Focus on Comfort

One advantage of remodeling is that you can focus on the things that really matter to you. A main reason for remodeling isn’t just a facelift—it’s to improve the way your home feels. In your existing home, you already know what it is you’d like to change. A good remodeler can help you figure out how to make that change happen. In a new place, you may discover things you don’t like that weren’t apparent at first glance. Will you be able to fix those easily?

Expanding Your Horizons

Some homeowners would love to entertain more—but their current living situation makes that hard. Maybe the kitchen is too small, or too isolated from the rest of the living space. Perhaps the house feels too dark or cramped. A remodeling project can change that and open up new opportunities to entertain. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to take up a new hobby, but didn’t have the space for it. When you remodel you could create a new music room, or art studio.

Energy Savings

Maybe your existing home isn’t all that energy efficient. Remodeling today often means taking advantage of new building technologies and materials that can make your home more energy efficient. In addition to saving energy (and money), that means more comfort for you.

Resale Value

Your main focus may be to make your home more livable and enjoyable for you (and that’s a really good focus). But an additional benefit is that the things you do to improve your enjoyment of your home are very likely also the things that someone else will find attractive when you finally decide to sell. And while your house is first and foremost your home (the place you feel secure and comfortable), it’s also an investment. Quality remodeling protects and enhances your investment, and many of the things you can do to improve your home will pay dividends when it’s time to sell.

If you like your home and your neighborhood, think twice before looking at new properties and calling the moving company. A well thought through remodeling of your existing home may pack more bang for your buck that a move!

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