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5 Reasons to Stay in Naples, Florida

Posted by Chris Reed on Oct 10, 2016 7:00:00 AM

5-Reasons-to-Stay-in-Naples-Florida.jpgEvery now and then, many of us succumb to that nagging feeling that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” You may experience that on occasion when you look around your Naples-area home.

Maybe you just need a reminder of what Naples has going for it. Here’s a little refresher.

The Weather: 

Climate data shows that the average temperature In Naples is 75 degrees—and the average low for January is 53 degrees! That means you can be outdoors almost any day of the year doing your favorite activities. If you want a little taste of winter, you can always take a quick ski-trip and then return to sunny Florida!

The Golf:

Speaking of being outdoors, a lot of people love the Naples area because of the abundance of great golfing opportunities. Here’s a look at four fantastic golf courses within easy reach of your Naples home.

The Beaches:

Naples has some of the most gorgeous, unspoiled beaches anywhere in the United States. One of those is the Delnor-Wiggins Pass Beach—listed as one of the top 10 beaches in the country. At the beach you can enjoy jet skiing, swimming or playing volleyball—or simply relax and soak up the sun.

The Fun:

Living in Naples means you always have fun stuff close at hand. That’s great, because another nice thing about living in Naples is that friends will want to visit. Here’s a post that has suggestions for fun activities and great dining options for both you and your guests.

The Downtown Area:

When you visit the area known as “Old Naples” you can enjoy a unique Naples experience. Stroll the sidewalks along 5th Avenue and join the residents out to eat, have a drink, shop or watch others parade through the streets. Or discover a new art gallery and take part in other cultural events. It’s an atmosphere you just won’t find at the mall—or any other city.

Sometimes, in addition to taking a fresh look at your city, you also need to take a fresh look at your home. There are times when you want or need to do something a little different to make life in this great area more comfortable and enjoyable—right at home!

That’s why we offer this helpful and insightful free eBook, Remodeling a House, Creating a Home. It’s packed with ideas for creating the home you’ve always wanted. It covers topics such as

  • The benefits of remodeling
  • Home themes
  • Layout logistics
  • Techniques for making space
  • Recommended amenities to consider
  • Lighting choices
  • Color options
  • Environmental considerations
  • Decor dynamics . . . and more!

Why move and leave all of the great things about Naples behind when you could turn your existing house into your dream home?


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