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5 Steps to Getting the Naples Kitchen You Really Want

Posted by Chris Reed on Nov 28, 2017 1:26:00 PM

5-Steps-to-Getting-the-Naples-Kitchen-You-Really-Want.jpgIf you want to create the perfect kitchen for your Naples home you have all kinds of options.  There are more styles and layouts and designs available to you than you can imagine. But before you jump into specific plans, materials, and finishes, there are some issues you’ll want to think about first. Here’s a look at 5 steps to getting the Naples kitchen you really want.

Choose Function Before Form

Naturally, you want your kitchen to look great. But your kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in your home. That means it needs to be as functional as well as beautiful. But not everyone uses a kitchen in the same way. How do you plan to use your kitchen? Will it be a focal point for entertaining? Are you planning to do gourmet cooking? Will it be a gathering place for family members? Think about what will make it comfortable and convenient for whatever your main purpose is before you start laying out your kitchen space in your mind or choosing fixtures.

Consider Efficiency

The configuration of your kitchen can be significantly impacted by the location of certain “unmovable” objects. Plumbing, electrical outlets, window location, and load-bearing walls can all affect your design. Granted, some of those things can be moved—but it will end up costing you more. Design/build remodelers are experts at working with these kinds of obstacles. Often, we can "find" space or come up with plans that might not be obvious to you. And because the designers and builders are part of the same team, we won't present you with a design that can't be built. 

Determine Your Kitchen Style

Here’s where things get more fun and fanciful. There are a variety of different styles from which you can choose. You might lean toward traditional, transitional, modern, or casual when it comes to your kitchen. It’s also important to think about your kitchen in the context of the rest of your home—particularly if you have an open floor plan in which the kitchen is visible from other rooms. Here’s a helpful post that highlights five different kitchen styles (with photos!) to help you get started!

Let There Be Lights

Lighting is an extremely important (and often overlooked) feature of any successful kitchen remodel. You’ll want to consider both ambient lighting for setting the atmosphere in the kitchen (and you’ll want to be able to adjust it) as well as specific task lighting. Having the right kind of light in the right places makes your kitchen more convenient and more welcoming.

Realistic Expectations

There is an abundance of “kitchen eye candy” out there to inspire you when it comes to ideas for your Naples kitchen! Click here to take a look at some of the gorgeous kitchens we’ve worked on recently.  But it’s important to have realistic expectations. You may love the idea of a kitchen with a big island, but if your current kitchen is a long galley-style kitchen, that’s probably not realistic. In a similar vein, it’s important to focus on what’s essential in your kitchen (what are the features that you won’t compromise on?) and not confuse them with “nice-to-have” features (that you can add if space and budget permit).

If you're looking for additional resources to help you end up with the kitchen you really want, you may want to download our free Create Your Ideal Kitchen eBook. It provides a great overview of the information you need in order to create the kitchen that’s ideal for you, including:

  • How to figure out your preferred kitchen style
  • Help for assessing your desired kitchen's level of functionality
  • Information on planning a kitchen remodel
  • Tips for scheduling your kitchen's renovation

Create Your Ideal Naples Kitchen E-Book 

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