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5 Things You Should Do Each Year for Your Naples Home's Maintenance

Posted by Chris Reed on Jan 10, 2015 10:38:00 AM

5-things-you-should-do-each-year-for-your-Naples-homes-maintenanceIt’s no big secret why people love the Sunshine State—especially this time of year. Let’s face it: we all take a little bit of pleasure reading the weather reports from up North—from the comfort of our decks in the winter. But just because we don’t face the harsh winter weather doesn’t mean our homes are free from the need for regular maintenance. Here are five things you should do each year to protect and preserve your Naples-area home.

Check Your Roof 

While we don’t have to worry about snow damage, the hot Florida sun can be hard on some roofs. Wind and rain can do damage as well—and even animals like squirrels and raccoons can be surprisingly destructive. Sometimes, the damage isn’t obvious right away, and that can lead to bigger problems if water gets into the roof. Check around your home for signs of broken shingles. You may even want to have a professional roofer inspect your roof more closely every couple of years.

Inspect Your HVAC System

Using the furnace may be a rare event for most of us, but on those occasions when the temperatures do dip, you don’t want to be left in the cold. We do, however, rely on our air conditioning units, so a yearly inspection of the central air system is a good idea. Don’t wait for spring when everybody is servicing AC units. Jump on that now so that you’ll be ready when you really need cooling.

Check Windows and Doors for Leaks

While we don’t worry about heat leaking out (or cold air coming in), Florida homeowners do need to make sure they aren’t trying to air-condition the great outdoors. Nationwide, air conditioning accounts for approximately 16 percent of an average household’s annual electricity bill (using 2,800 kilowatt hours of energy yearly). But in Florida, that figure can be as high as 4,000 kWh! It’s really worth it to make sure windows and doors aren’t leaking cool air to the outside.

Inspect Your Deck

Just like your roof, your deck is exposed to the harsh Florida sun and to rain. It’s much more economical to treat and maintain your deck than it is to replace it. Check the deck once a year to make sure you don’t have loose deck screws or warped boards. It’s better to replace a single board than to let water get in and have to replace the whole thing.

Test Your Garage Door

We often don’t think about how much use our garage doors get. But they’ve really become the “front door” to the house. That’s how we go in and out of the house most of the time. There are a lot of moving parts in our doors and things can work loose. One thing in particular to check is the “auto-reverse” safety feature. Simply place a 2x4 under the door while it’s open and then use your remote to close the door. When the door hits the board, it should stop and go back up. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to have a professional adjust the door. Without it, a child or a pet could be seriously (or even fatally) injured.

Most of these things you can do yourself. But if you ever run into something that you’re not comfortable checking or fixing on your own, take advantage of our Handyman services. We’re happy to help keep your Naples home in tip-top shape!

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