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6 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in your Naples Home

Posted by Chris Reed on Nov 21, 2016 7:00:00 AM

6-Tips-for-Hosting-Thanksgiving-in-your-Naples-Home.jpgAs soon as you start talking about Thanksgiving, thoughts immediately turn to the Turkey. Thanksgiving dinner has become the defacto focal point for the holiday, but if you’re entertaining out of town guests, there’s more to making family and guests feel comfortable while they’re visiting than just a great Thanksgiving Day meal.

Here are some tips for making your guests’ visit with you special, memorable, and relaxing.

1. Make Their Room Feel Special

Don’t think of the guest bedroom as just a place to sleep. Make it inviting and special. Put fresh linens and blankets on the bed and use baskets to hold towels and toiletries. You could even put out freshly laundered robes and slippers like high-end hotels do. For the ultimate guest experience, provide robes and slippers.

2. Supply Storage Space

Nobody likes living out of a suitcase. Make sure that your guests have a luggage rack, space in the closet, and at least one or two drawers so they can unpack.

3. Remember the Little Guests

If you’ve got children coming to visit have a few things on had for them to play with. You don’t have to provide all of their entertainment, but a few fun items from the Dollar store can help them pass the time. And if you have breakable’s you’re concerned about—put them away for a few days. That takes the stress off of everyone.

4. Reading Material

If you’ve read some really good books lately (and you don’t mind if they go home with someone else), leave a few in the guest room in case your guests are looking for something to do during down time. You can also leave a magazine or two around (but keep them fairly current—you don’t want it to feel like a dentist’s office!).

5. Keep Breakfast Simple

People have different schedules and different tastes. Give guests a choice of doughnuts, bagels, pastries and a variety of cereals and let people eat at their leisure.

6. Be Prepared to Play the Tour Guide

Out of town guest appreciate (and maybe even expect) it when you offer them ideas on some of the fun stuff to do in the Naples area. If you’re not taking them around yourself, provide them with a travel packet of brochures and a city map. Make sure your home is clearly designated with a big circle and your address so that they have a point of reference.

After your guests leave, you may realize that you want to make some changes to your guest room, your guest bath, or even your kitchen. You can turn your home into a place that friends and family love to visit (and a place you love to live).  We invite you to check out these portfolio pictures for inspiration and to see what the possibilities for your Naples home.

Oh—one last tip: Don’t overcook the turkey!

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