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8 Home Remodeling Predictions for 2015

Posted by Chris Reed on Jan 8, 2015 10:32:00 AM

10-remodeling-predictions-for-2015What are the new home remodeling trends for the Naples market in 2015? As professional remodelers we’re more proficient with hammers, saws, and the other tools of our trade than we are with crystal balls, but we’re happy to pass on the buzz that we hear from around the industry.

To make things more practical and useful, this post will concentrate on two of the most commonly remodeled rooms: the kitchen and the master bathroom. It’s a bit of a standing joke in the industry that if you ask three designers to name an emerging trend, you’ll probably get at least four answers. But here are some of the trends we’re hearing about right now


In the Kitchen

Increased Use of Natural-looking Wood and Stone

Using wood as a main design element in the kitchen is nothing new, but there appears to be a movement away from highly polished and treated woods to more natural-looking woods. The same kind thing seems to apply to the use of stone—whether it’s natural materials such as marble and granite or “engineered” stone. More designers are using stonework that looks like the kind of raw stone you’d find in nature.

Drawing the Eye Up

Designers are using kitchen ceilings as a more prominent feature to make a statement in current kitchens. Instead of plain, boring ceilings, they’re using coffer ceilings, dramatic lighting, trims, and other embellishments so that the ceiling becomes a full-blown element of the kitchen itself.

New-look Metal

Like wood, metals have long been part of kitchen design. But instead of the stainless steel, chrome, or silver we’re used to seeing, designers expect to see a lot more of warmer-toned metals such as oil-rubbed copper, gold, and bronze.

Mixing of Styles

It used to be that mixing different styles was considered a design faux pas. If your kitchen was traditional, that style was carried out throughout the entire kitchen. In some camps there is a movement toward combining differing styles—such as traditional and modern styles, with homeowners combining traditional elements with modern designs. For example some kitchens mix materials such as stainless steel with wood, and wood with marble.

In the Master Bath

Over all, the 400 designers who participated in the National Kitchen and Bath Association's style report concur that the trend for this year is toward simplicity, cleaner lines, and a more contemporary design. Here are some of the specifics.

Goodbye to Bowl Sink/Cabinet Combinations

Instead of bowl-shaped sinks mounted on cabinets, the trend is toward under-mounted sinks that use furniture with legs—for a more open look (which creates a challenge, by the way, for where to store things that used to hide in the cabinet under the sink).

White Give Way to Shades of Gray

While no one is predicting the complete demise of white (and beige) in the kitchen (and it will remain popular), the National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that gray (in various hues) is the fastest-growing shade for the bathroom.

Showers Supplant Tubs

Sources in the know say that stand-alone soaking tubs are once again moving into prominence in master bathrooms—supplanting glass enclosed showers. This trend seems to swing like a pendulum, so our best advice is to opt for the solution you like best. If you like to relax in the tub to unwind, go for the tub. If you prefer a roomy shower (maybe even with some steam) and prefer to use less water, go for the shower.

Tile Trends

Some designers say that the once popular “subway” tile is on its way out and is being replaced by smaller and striking black mosaic-style tile. The flip side of that, however, is the growing popularity of larger tiles such as the 3 foot by 9 foot tiles manufactured by Laminam.

So where does all this leave you as you think through your remodeling plans? It’s one thing to read about design trends (and designers’ opinions). It’s something altogether different to see some of these things for yourself. Take a look around our online design studio for some great visuals, or visit the studio in person for a hands-on look at what’s new for 2015.

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