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Amazing Storage Solutions for Your Naples Home

Posted by Chris Reed on Jul 5, 2017 7:00:00 AM


One of the biggest kitchen frustrations Naples homeowners face is an inadequate amount of storage. That’s why one of the most common requests we receive when helping clients with a kitchen-remodeling project is: “Give me more room in my kitchen!”

Sometimes the solution is to rework the space in the kitchen so that there is simply more square footage available—and devote some of that space to additional storage. Sometimes, however, there are structural impediments that make expanding the physical footprint of the kitchen impossible.

Even when it is possible to add some space, the key is not necessarily having more space—it’s making effective use of the space that’s available. Simply having larger (or more) cabinets doesn’t help all that much if you can’t get to the things you need because they are stuck at the back of the cabinet. Here are few ways to get around some of those storage problems.

A pullout shelf system can transform your kitchen cabinets and shelves into storage space that’s truly usable and accessible. Instead of trying to reach something at the back of a cabinet, you can simply pull out the shelves so that you can clearly see and reach stored items such as dishes, and pots and pans.

Another storage conundrum is what to do with all of your kitchen utensils. You can either load your kitchen drawers with them—and then dig around in the drawers to find the utensil you want—or you can take up valuable countertop space with bins to hold egg whisks and spatulas and the like. You might want to consider pullout organizers designed to store these kinds of utensils in a way that makes them easy to access.  It’s a much more refined way to organize your unwieldy utensils—and leave your countertops uncluttered.

Nobody wants their guests to have to look at their kitchen waste or recycle bins. So how can you keep them out of sight—but easy to use? Think about installing a slide-out, tandem waste cabinet where the bins are stacked one behind the other and remain hidden until you pull them out to make a “deposit.”

Of course, words only go so far in describing some of these space-saving, storage solutions for your kitchen. Let’s take an actual look at some real-life solutions that homeowners have built into their home—courtesy of our friends at Houzz.com.

Here’s a look at how pullout shelving make storage easy and convenient. The drawers on either side of the range here slide way out to provide easy access to items—even when they’re at the back of the drawers. No more getting down on your hands and knees to peer into a dark cabinet. Things are easy to see and easy to reach. And notice how this kitchen uses the space over the microwave to store large, seldom used baking panes. And additional bonus is that the microwave is at a more comfortable and usable level as well.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a utensil or two on the countertop. But there’s never enough room for all of your utensils. Here’s a clever and useful way to store kitchen utensils that puts them right at your fingertips without taking up valuable counter space (and causing things to look cluttered). Again, notice how the drawer extends fully to that you can easily get at whatever you need.

It seems like there are always more spices than spaces in most kitchens. Here’s a way to store them in a way that doesn’t make you scrounge through your cabinets. Everything is visible and accessible—even those things that aren’t really spices but don’t “belong” anywhere else in your kitchen!

Here’s a look at a design that solves two problems at once! Instead of looking for a cutting board and then taking the “trimmings” to the trash after slicing, you can simply pull the cutting board out from the counter and position it directly over the trash to get rid of waste. And you can position your recyclables container out of sight as well.

We’re still not a totally “paperless” society and the kitchen seems to collect paper (grocery filers, recipes, etc.) Here’s a clever way to store those papers you want to keep—without having them all over the kitchen. Plus this design provides a handy place to hang keys, tack notes, and even write messages on a white board that’s hidden when the door is closed.

What can you do with small appliances that you use frequently—but not everyday? Here’s a solution that gives you easy access to your smaller appliances without taking up precious counter space. The drawers slide out to make it easy to get at your devices.

We can help you design a kitchen that not only looks better, but one that helps you store the things you use in a way that makes it easier to see what you need and to get at those items conveniently. The right solution for you may not be more space, but better, more efficient use of the space that’s available to you.


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