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Are You Creating YOUR Ideal Kitchen—Or Someone Else's?

Posted by Chris Reed on Nov 26, 2015 7:00:00 AM

When you’re planning a remodeling of your Naples-area kitchen one of the things you’ll probably do is collect idea. The good news is that there are lots of places to gather ideas about what goes into a “perfect” kitchen. You can click on houzz.com and find some really great ideas. Or you may look at bhg.com and glean some more info on what makes for a great kitchen. Pinterest and Instagram both have plenty of images of kitchens that will make your spatula quiver with excitement.

All of those sources of information are great—and we’d recommend that you spend some time gathering ideas about what might work best in your kitchen. But at some point, you’ll need to ask yourself whether you’re creating your ideal kitchen—or someone else’s.

Here’s the thing about kitchen design: There are a lot of stunning kitchens out there that have a huge amount of visual appeal. But it that kitchen design doesn’t match the way you use your kitchen, you won’t be completely satisfied.

Some kitchens are designed more for entertaining. For a lot of homeowners, the kitchen has become the social center of the home. Yes, it’s still used for preparing food, but it’s also a place where family and friends gather to enjoy one another’s company.

There’s also the layout of your home to consider. If your current kitchen is more of a galley kitchen (long and perhaps a bit narrower), you’re probably going to be frustrated if you try to turn it into a places where you and your guests can mingle.

If you take a look at our gallery of kitchen remodel images, you’ll see a wide variety of styles, color schemes, layouts and finishes. You can get all kinds of ideas about specific features you may want in your kitchen. But if you really want to turn some of those ideas into a kitchen that fits your specific lifestyle and personal taste, you’ll want to talk about those ideas with a designer who can turn those ideas into a plan that fits your specific desires and needs.

Take advantage of all the kitchen ideas available to you. That’s a great thing to do. But then take things a step further and talk to someone who can turn your ideas into reality!


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