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Asking the Right Questions When Interviewing a Naples Remodeler

Posted by Chris Reed on Jul 16, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Asking-the-Right-Questions-When-Interviewing-a-Naples-Remodeler_.jpgHave you ever watched a television interview and wish you could get the interviewer to ask some really specific questions instead of serving up shallow, easy-to-answer questions or pursuing a preset agenda?

It’s not all that different when you’re exploring possible remodelers for your Naples home. If you really want to find the right remodeler for your home, you can’t settle for superficial questions. You’ve got to dig a little deeper.

Of course, you’ll want to ask some essential and basic questions, such as how long your prospective remodeler has been in business and who he or she has done work for. But determining if you’ve got the right remodeler requires a little more. Here are a few additional questions you may want to ask so that you’ll really feel comfortable with your choice.

  • Have you done a project similar in scope and complexity before? Ask how it went. You want to be sure you’re not hiring someone who is getting in over his head.
  • Here’s the result I want. How would you approach the remodel? This allows your prospective remodeler to demonstrate some creativity and innovation. It’s an indication as to whether the remodeler is creating something to meet your needs and expectations or simply doing another job.
  • Where will you be getting materials? You probably don’t want all of your materials coming from the local “big box” home improvement store (although it can depend a bit on the kind of work you’re having done).
  • Who will you be using as subcontractors? You’ll want to make sure your prospective remodeler isn’t just hiring seasonal workers off the street. Additionally, you’ll want to verify that the remodeler and all subcontractors carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance.
  • What do your other customers say about working with you? What you’re really after here is not just a list of referrals (although that’s a good start), but a chance to talk to former clients about what the remodeling experience was really like.
  • Do you have specialized training/education/certification and professional affiliations?This provides you with an even better sense of your prospective remodeler’s capabilities and reliability.

Any remodeler can print up cards and even put up a website to create a good impression. But asking the right questions of your candidates before choosing your remodeler can help you identify the one you’ll feel most comfortable using—and the one who will deliver the best results.


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