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Attic Insulation: The Most Profitable Thing to Do for Your Naples Home

Posted by Chris Reed on Sep 7, 2017 2:10:53 PM

Attic-Insulation-The-Most-Profitable-Thing-to-Do-for-Your-Naples-Home.jpgWhen you think of remodeling your Naples-area home, you probably think about creating a new kitchen, or redoing your master bathroom. Maybe you toy with the idea of adding a lanai behind the house. Those are all great projects (and we love working on them), but the one thing you can do that actually pays the best return on your investment is to add or install attic insulation.

It doesn’t sound particularly sexy or exciting, does it? Still, it consistently ranks as one of the top improvements you can make to your home.

According to the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com) adding fiberglass attic insulation should cost someone in the Naples area (they actually use Fort Myers for their information) roughly $1,297. But when you go to sell your home, that improvement should allow you to get about $1,717 more for your home. That’s a return on investment of 132.4%!

Here’s how the compilers of the data describe the job.

Air-seal a 35x30 attic floor to address any air leakage from conditioned spaced to unconditioned space. Then add fiberglass loose fill insulation, placing it on top of existing insulation if present. Fiberglass loose fill is applied until thickness equating with R-30 insulation value is reached. If your attic is larger or smaller, the numbers will change accordingly.

Again, installing insulation doesn’t have the same cache as some other projects. Is it really something you want to do? After all, return on investment isn’t the only reason to make an improvement to your home. The answer (depending upon your current level of insulation) is still yes. While you may not see a difference—you’ll feel it.

It’s easy to think of insulation as protection against the cold. But in Florida, it also insulates you from the heat. If your roof is exposed to the hot sun, that makes it harder to keep your whole home cool and comfortable. Adequate insulation will make you more comfortable—and it can take the heat off your wallet as well when it takes less electricity to cool your home.

Added comfort along with adding resale value to your Naples home is a pretty great combination. And because it’s a fairly simple and inexpensive procedure, it won’t keep you from making other improvements to your home that will also make you more comfortable, add more convenience, and have more aesthetic appeal. And if you’re wondering which projects make the most sense (and return the most dollars), here’s a post that looks that which projects have the best payoff.


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