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Balancing Cost & Value When Remodeling Your Bonita Springs Home

Posted by Chris Reed on Sep 13, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Balancing-Cost--Value-When-Remodeling-Your-Bonita-Springs-Home.jpgIf you’re considering remodeling your Bonita Springs home, you’ve got a challenge on your hands. You have to balance the cost of any improvement you want to make against the value that improvement will deliver. You don’t want to overspend, but you also don’t want to settle for less quality (and value). How can you balance those two (apparently) competing factors?

First of all, keep your ultimate goal firmly in mind. The real purpose of a remodeling project isn’t to see how little money you can spend. By the same token, you’re not trying to spend outrageous amounts of money in the hopes that you’ll get something you’re happy with. Your goal is to make your home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible—within the limits of your budget. Here’s a post that guides you through some key questions you’ll need to answer in order to create a realistic budget.

It’s also pretty well established that quality costs a bit more. That’s true whether you’re purchasing a car, a television, a pair of shoes, or a remodeling project. What you have to ask yourself, as a homeowner, is whether the extra money you spend delivers significant value to justify the cost. A granite countertop will cost more than a Formica countertop. Granite will hold up to wear and tear better and last longer. A lot of people feel it looks better, too. You have to decide if those factors are worth spending more. Here’s a look at some areas where you simply shouldn’t cut corners in a remodeling project.

Even if you know that quality costs more and the your ultimate goal is to get the most value for every dollar you spend, it can still be tough to choose between options when you’re planning to remodel. That’s when it can be really helpful to enlist the help of a design-build remodeling professional before you make major decisions. Remodelers who have been around the block a time or two can advise you about when it makes sense to spend a bit more and also when spending more may be a waste.

Beyond that, a design-build remodeler takes a look at the big picture. He or she starts with a design (a plan) that will deliver exactly what you want. That plan will work to bring together all the elements that will make your home more comfortable and enjoyable. By tapping into your professional’s knowledge and expertise, you’ll end up with superior results that you’ll be happy with for years to come. That’s true value!

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