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Why Experience Matters in Choosing Your Naples Remodeler

Posted by Chris Reed on Dec 11, 2014 10:21:26 AM

Why-experience-matters-in-choosing-your-Naples-remodelerIf you’ve been thinking about remodeling the kitchen or bathroom in your home—or maybe even thinking about putting on an addition—one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is who is going to do the work. If you’re looking for a contractor in the Naples area, you’ll have plenty of choices.

Not all contractors, however, are created equal. And when it comes to quality remodeling, experience matters. There are a number of reasons why hiring an experience contractor can make a big difference, but lets look at two major reasons: knowledge and quality.


There’s simply no substitute for experience. Designers and contractors who have “been around the block a time or two” have run into all kinds of construction challenges. They know how to design a room to give a homeowner exactly what he or she wants. They know which materials will work best and can advise homeowners on their choices. And they know how to resolve problems they may run into as they get into a project.

Seasoned professionals also know how long it should take to complete your project. They don’t tend to run into as many “surprises” either. And a contractor with a lot of projects under his belt has a good handle on what your project is going to cost because he knows the amount of time and materials he’s going to need. Inexperienced contractors frequently underbid remodeling jobs because they simply don’t know what’s involved. What happens then is that they go back to the homeowner and change the price and the schedule. Sometimes, they just walk away.

If you get a low-ball bid from a contractor—one that’s significantly lower than other bids—it’s a good indication that the contractor doesn’t have the experience to deliver the results you want on time and within the budget.


An experienced contractor has had time to hone his craft. That’s important if you want to end up with a remodeled home that meets your expectations. You don’t simply want workers—you want skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work.

Guess what? You pay a bit more for quality. A contractor who comes in with a really low bid has to save money somewhere. It’s either going to be in the quality of the materials or in the quality of the workmanship. But here’s the hard truth: Saving money up front (by paying for lower quality work) ends up costing more in the end when the job has to be redone because it wasn’t done right the first time.

When you’re undertaking a significant remodeling project for your Naples-are home, don’t overlook experience, because knowledge and quality really make a difference. So before you choose a remodeler, check to see if they’ve been around for a while. And remember that you can tell a lot about a person—or a business—by the company they keep. So take a look at your remodelers associations and affiliations.

There’s just no substitute for experience!

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