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Choosing the Right Sink for Your Naples Master Bathroom

Posted by Ryann Minkler on Sep 13, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Choosing-the-right-sink-for-your-Naples-Master-bathroomWe tend to think of sinks as pretty functional pieces of bathroom equipment. Is there really a right or a wrong sink for the master bath (or for the powder room, for that matter)? 

In addition to its functionality, the sink plays a huge role in setting the style for the bathroom. It really is an important design element. Marrying form and function can take a little bit of thought. Here’s a quick look at a number of different sink styles—and why they may, or may not be the right choice for your bathroom. 

Vessel Sinks

You’ve seen sinks that sit on top of the countertop like pieces of art. They can be very beautiful and unique (some are even specifically made).  These large bowl-like sinks hold a large amount of water and are very eye-catching. They do, however, take up significant space and they limit your counter space. 

Top-mounted Sinks

These are likely the most common form of sinks you’ll find. But there’s still a lot of variety. Some extend above the counter a bit and others are more or less flush with the counter. They are very versatile and go with almost any décor (wood, laminate, tile, etc.). 

Under-mounted Sinks

The complement to the top-mounted sink is the under-mounted sink. The whole sink is below the counter top. It allows the eye to focus on the counter top rather than the sink—for a sleeker look. Generally these sinks are only used with a solid-surface countertop, such as stone. You can’t use them with laminate.  They also cost a bit more than top-mount sinks. 

Washplane Sinks

You may have seen this style in upscale restaurants or trendy hotels. These sleek sinks take up very little space because they tend to be very narrow. They are definitely eye-catching design statements. You probably won’t want to install one in the master bathroom because they don’t hold much water and don’t give you the option of plugging/stopping the drain. But if you want a very modern powder room, they can be a nice touch. 

Pedestal Sinks

These sinks are great if you’re after a vintage or classical look in your bathroom. They’re also nice if you have a drain that is set away from the wall (rather than running into the wall)—something you tend to find in older homes. One disadvantage is that you won’t have storage space under the sink. 

You can see examples of these various sink style “in situ” if you click on the bathrooms tab in our photo gallery.


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