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Colors & Textures—What’s In and What’s Out

Posted by Chris Reed on Apr 17, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Colors & Textures What’s In and What’s OutIt’s always fascinating to take a look at what home design experts predict will happen to interior design every year. Sometimes it seems as if you can talk to five different designers and get seven different answers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It reflects that there are a lot of different ways to create the Naples home that’s right for you.

So, when it comes to colors & textures—what’s in and what’s out?  And what if you don’t agree?

Let’s take a look at some fairly broad trends that seem to be either moving in or out of fashion favor. And keep in mind . . .


  • Accent-Colored Walls: For a while, it was very popular to paint one wall in a family room or a living room a bolder color. It was an inexpensive way to achieve a "designer-look" and add some depth and character to a room. The current trend is to use texture materials such as wainscoting or millwork to achieve that effect. It's also more popular to create something on the ceiling that adds interest.
  • All-White Kitchens: White kitchens have been extremely popular for quite some time. Still, it appears that all-white kitchens may have peaked. That doesn’t mean you can’t use white in your kitchen, but there is a trend toward incorporating neutral shades of cream, gray, and blue. One area where we’re seeing this change is in cabinetry. More kitchens are combining white upper cabinets with lower cabinets in those neutral blues and grays. Whites and off-whites aren’t necessarily taboo—but you may want to stay away from a stark, all-white theme.
  • “Hip” Architectural Elements: Just because something is “hip” doesn’t mean it works in your home. Weathered barn doors can be really cool in some homes, but if you live in a traditional or transitional style home, they’re going to look out of place. You don’t want people to notice the element because it sticks out like a sore thumb. Doric columns may look great on an antebellum house, but they’re not going to work on your modern or contemporary style home.

What's In and What's Out?


  • Kitchen Sinks: Stainless steel sinks have ruled the roost in the kitchen for a long time. But there is increasing interest in stone sinks and even concrete sinks. For a while now, using copper for farmhouse style sinks has been quite popular. It really depends on the overall style of your kitchen. Once again, you probably don't want a farmhouse sink in a sleek, modern kitchen.
  • Functional, Stylish Storage: There seems to be a constant tug of war between style and function. For some time, the emphasis on functionality meant settling for less stylish storage space. Now there is an emphasis on storage units (cabinets and buffets) that look great while offering increased storage options to keep clutter down.
  • Brass is Back: Some will argue that brass fixtures never went away. We are starting to see more brass in use these days in kitchens and in bathrooms. It may be a bit more subdued than in the past, but brass appears to be back.
  • Jeweled Elegance: Some of this year’s “colors of the year” reflect the rich elegance of jewel tones. Sherman-William is touting their Oceanside SW 6496 (a rich blue-green shade) and the folks at Pantone chose Ultra Violet as its color of the year. Before you make a big jump to paint your walls or order new furniture, you might want to experiment with throw pillows or other small accent pieces first.

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One of the challenges of tracking current styles as a homeowner is that you still have to figure out what’s right for you. What if you don’t particularly like some of the new trends? The good news is that you don’t have to be a prisoner to someone else’s idea of what looks and feels good. Here’s a helpful post that explains why timeless design offers a better value than fads.

Also, don’t be afraid to solicit some outside help. A professional designer brings a lot to the table when it comes to helping you figure out what’s right for you. The professionals that make up our design team have years of experience helping clients find the right design. They've seen trends come and go, and have a good handle on what kinds of design have staying power so that you'll be happy with your choices for years to come.

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