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Creating an Amazing Outdoor Space

Posted by Chris Reed on Nov 7, 2017 3:46:25 PM

Creating-an-Amazing-Outdoor-Space.jpgLet’s be honest; a lot of people move to Florida because of the weather. It’s just one of the things that makes living in Naples so great. Maybe you moved here for the weather, yourself. We’re approaching the time of year when your friends and relatives up north start complaining about the cold (It’s OK if you feel pretty good about your decision to avoid all of that!). Of course, it’s even better if you can actually get out and enjoy that great weather. That’s why we want to offer some tips for creating an amazing outdoor space for you to enjoy anytime you feel like it.

What kind of projects can help you turn your outdoor living space into a place where you’ll want to spend more time? Here are five areas to consider.

Put-in-a-pool.jpgPut in a Pool

In addition to being a great way to get regular exercise, a pool can become the centerpiece of your outdoor area. For many Floridians, the pool area becomes the focal point of outdoor entertaining—even if your guests don't swim. There's just something relaxing about being next to the water. It's visually appealing as well. Of course, there's more to installing a pool than simply digging a hole, pouring concrete, and adding water. You'll want to think about access to the pool and what kind of accouterments you'll want around your pool area.

If you put in a pool, you may want to consider adding a pool house. In addition to providing a space for guests to change, you can also use the space as an outdoor entertainment area by including a simple bar or an area for grilling. Click here for an article that covers some essentials for creating a great pool house.

Add on a Lanai

If you’re not from Florida (or Hawaii, where the term originates) you may not be familiar with lanais. Essentially, it’s an enclosed porch with a concrete or stone floor. A lanai can be any covered area outside of the house that is used as a living space. In Florida, most lanais are screened-in areas. With the addition of a lanai, you can really have the best of both worlds. You get the natural feel of the outdoors along with all the comforts of indoor living. Click here for a post that talks about how to choose the best lanai for your home—including some great photos of the finished project!

Create-an-Outdoor-Kitchen.jpgCreate an Outdoor Kitchen

For some homeowners in the Naples area, the thing that makes outdoor entertaining come alive is the creation of an outdoor kitchen. We're talking about more than simply rolling a grill out on the patio. Many of today's outdoor kitchens offer all the comfort and convenience of the kitchen inside your home. You can opt for full-blown cooktops and ovens along with refrigerators, sinks, and islands. In addition to being able to be with your guests while preparing a meal, an outdoor kitchen keeps food prep smells outside where they are easily dissipated.  If you’re looking for ideas for creating your outdoor kitchen, click here for some suggestions.

Look at Landscaping

Having a gorgeous yard also makes you want to spend more time outside. If you’d like to have more to look at than just your lawn, you might want to look at having some landscaping done. Great landscaping doesn’t just happen, however, and there’s more to it than randomly planting a lot of flowers and shrubs. Click here for a post that offers tons of tips for creating a gorgeously landscaped yard for your Naples home.

Finish with Furniture

These days designers and homeowners tend to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the kinds of furniture that’s now available for patio or lanai living. The days of putting a couple of lawn chairs out in the yard are long gone. Today’s outdoor furniture looks a lot better and is infinitely more comfortable. There are so many options from which you can choose that cover a wide range of styles from ultra casual to chic, to elegant. If you’re looking for help in choosing the kind of outdoor furniture that will best suit your needs, you may want to check out this Better Homes & Gardens online article that offers 8 Tips for choosing patio furniture.

The real key to creating an amazing outdoor living space that you'll love is, to begin with a great plan that takes your tastes, lifestyle, and personal preferences into consideration. That's where our award-winning professional design team really shines. They can help you create a solution that fits your specific requirements so that you’ll love your outdoor area for years to come!


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