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Creative Condos Solutions to Inspire Your Naples Condo Remodel

Posted by Ryann Minkler on Mar 31, 2017 6:18:00 AM

Creative-Condos-Solutions-to-Inspire-Your-Naples-Condo-Remodel.jpgWe’ve remodeled a lot of Florida homes since moving here in 1992. But to this day we still have people ask us if we focus our efforts exclusively on stand-alone homes—or if condos are included in the remodeling services we offer. To that question we offer a resounding: “Yes! We love helping condominium owners get the most out of their Florida homes!”

Of course working on condominiums presents a unique set of challenges. If you live in a condominium you know that there are often specific rules and regulations that have to be adhered to when renovating your home. We understand that and we have years of experience working within those rules and regulations while delivering remodeling results that will make your condo uniquely reflect your lifestyle and sense of design.

You don’t have to let your condominium’s restrictions keep you from creating the personal home space you want. Yes, it can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s one we’ve gladly accepted for years. It’s also part of what makes a design-build remodeling company a good fit. We know how to design your condo remodeling so that you get what you want while still adhering to association regulations.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Naples-area condo remodel, here are some ideas that can get your creative juices flowing.

Creative-Condos-Solutions-to-Inspire-Your-Naples-Condo-Remodel2.jpgCondominiums don’t have to mean cramped spaces. But how can you take full advantage of the space that’s available? Here’s a look at the kitchen in a Pelican Bay condo we recently remodeled. You can see how even a relatively narrow kitchen offers plenty on counter space, plus an island in the middle, and a comfortable space for eating casual meals





Creative-Condos-Solutions-to-Inspire-Your-Naples-Condo-Remodel3.jpgAnother view of that same kitchen highlights the importance of great lighting—both natural and installed—that makes this kitchen a great place to do food preparation and just hang out.






Creative-Condos-Solutions-to-Inspire-Your-Naples-Condo-Remodel4.jpgOf course, not all condominium kitchens are long, galley-style affairs. The kitchen you see here (created by Gilbane Development Company) makes the most out of a smaller, U-shaped kitchen. There’s still plenty of counterspace as well as a nice seating area for casual meals that looks into the kitchen.




Creative-Condos-Solutions-to-Inspire-Your-Naples-Condo-Remodel5.jpgWho says condos have to have cramped or boring master baths? The bathroom in this Pelican Bay condo is stunningly open and dramatic.





Creative-Condos-Solutions-to-Inspire-Your-Naples-Condo-Remodel6.jpgIt’s not just the big rooms that matter when you’re remodeling your Naples-area condo. Sometimes those small spaces have a huge impact. Here’s an example. The architect (Menendez Architects) “borrowed” space from a utility room to create a hidden mudroom in the front hall for this remodeled Aspen, Colorado condominium. It’s “hidden” space that impacts the whole living space.








Creative-Condos-Solutions-to-Inspire-Your-Naples-Condo-Remodel7.jpgSometimes what you want may require some fairly dramatic change. The ultra contemporary design of this Nob Hill condominium (by Matatozzi Pelsinger Builders) may not be your specific style, but the process is what matters. In order to achieve the results the owner wanted, a complete demolition of the existing finishes was required. And it needed to be done in accordance with condo regulations and without disrupting other residents.


No matter what your Naples condominium remodeling needs are, it’s essential that you work with a design/remodeler who understands how to get the most out of the space you have (and even space you didn’t think you had) and work within the framework of your condominium requirements to deliver results you’ll love.

Interior photos courtesy of houzz.com


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