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Do You Dread the Deadline for Your Naples Home Remodeling?

Posted by Ryann Minkler on May 3, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Do-you-dread-the-deadline-for-your-Naples-home-remodeling_.jpgIf you’ve been toying with the idea of remodeling your Naples-area home—but haven’t “pulled the trigger” yet—there’s a good chance that one of two things is holding you back: the cost or the schedule.

Both price and timing are unknown factors at the beginning of the home remodeling process. That’s in part because each and every project is different.  A quick look at our pricing for some sample bathroom projects makes it pretty clear that “one price doesn’t fit all.” Until you determine what you want and what the scope of your project will be, pricing remains an unknown.

But let’s discuss schedule, the other major factor that sometimes keeps homeowners from starting a remodeling project. Often homeowners are hesitant to make a timecommitment because they don’t know how long they will have to live with construction in their home. That’s understandable.

Of course, as with pricing, the amount of time required to complete your project depends on the size and complexity of the job. Still, it’s helpful to understand what the process entails.

  • The design phase, or planning phase, is when you work with your contractor to determine exactly what your new space will look like. On average, this takes about four weeks—although large, complex projects can take considerably longer.
  • The contract phase generally takes between two and 10 weeks. It starts with the signing of the contract and includes ordering materials. Some kinds of materials take longer to arrive, which is generally the cause for longer timeframes.
  • The construction phase is when your existing fixtures and features will betaken out and replaced with new ones. This generally takesbetween two and eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. At the end of this phase, your project is essentially complete and ready for you to enjoy.
  • The wrap-up phase is when your consultant draws up a final “punch list” and schedule for any items on the contract that need touching up. This phase also includes final inspections if needed and usually takes only a very short period of time.

Again, every project is unique, but this at least provides you with a general timeframe for what’s involved. Of course, significant changes to your plan (when you really don’t want to put the sink there!) can have a significant impact on your schedule. And on occasion, a builder may find a pre-existing condition that wasn’t obvious from the beginning but needs to be addressed.

One advantage of using a design/build remodeler for your renovation is that you don’t lose any time between the deisgn and construction phases due to miscommunication about what needs to be done. Everyone’s on the same team.

Having great resources at your disposal also makes the remodeling process go much more smoothly and quickly. Taking advantage of our home remodeling resources can help you identify what your options are, making developing a plan much easier.

Don’t let unknown factors about price or process keep you from the home remodeling project you’ve dreamed of doing. Get the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family—and move forward!


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