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Fascinating Naples Kitchen Design Trends

Posted by Chris Reed on May 25, 2017 2:36:00 PM


You may not be the kind of person who rushes into a kitchen-remodeling project just so that your home remains en vogue. Good home design, however, makes a distinction between fleeting fads and genuine trends. A true trend has staying power and is really more about making your home more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable.

Here’s a look at 6 fascinating kitchen design trends for Naples homes that will do more than just “freshen things up a bit.”


Lest you think we’re thumbing our nose at the importance of visual impact, we want to say that color is important inside your home. Outdated color schemes can make your kitchen feel old and tired—and that’s not comfortable for you or your guests. Unfortunately, if you ask three interior decorators what the hot color for kitchens is right now and you’ll probably get five different answers! It’s important that you select a color that you like as well. But color can go beyond paint on the walls. One trend we’ve seen is to use other materials (such as backsplashes and countertops) as the predominant color and to use accent colors as highlights. Stone or tile can serve as the focal point. Here’s a look at what some of our recent clients have done.

More Drawers

Traditionally, kitchens tended to use doors and shelving for many below-counter storage spaces. One trend we’ve observed is the use of more drawers. It can be a more efficient use of the space. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to reach what’s at the back of a lower shelf, you can slide the shelf out to more easily reach what’s in the back. Combining that efficiency with soft-close functionality makes things much easier in the kitchen.

Open Shelving

One trend is to move large, seldom-used items to open top kitchen cabinet shelves. The stored items (such as kitchen accessories and impressive crockery) become décor items in the kitchen.


We’re seeing more kitchens incorporate pantries into the kitchen. That can be anything from a door that opens directly into shelving to an expansive walk-in-“butler’s pantry.” Either option allows you to store large items (or food) in a place that’s easy to access but out of sight—keeping your kitchen uncluttered.


The color of kitchen faucets seems to be in constant flux. Many designers have predicted the demise of stainless steel in the kitchen for years. Homeowners, however, seem to disagree. But one trend that is catching on is the use of oil-rubbed bronze for fixtures (faucets, handles, and doorknobs). Those who find bronze too dark are opting for brushed nickel or chrome. But what really seems to be growing in popularity has little to do with the finish of the fixtures. Homeowners are gravitating toward touch-free or hands-free faucets that allow them to turn the water on even when they have sticky or greasy hands—without making a mess. One thing to note here is that some people aren’t fans of touch-free faucets because some of them can “activate” when you don’t want them to. Hands-free faucets require a touch—but you can touch them with your wrist or arm to turn them on or off.


There was a time (not that long ago!) when builders, remodelers, and homeowners were all talking about LED lights. It was a big trend because of the incredible energy savings that LEDs brought to the (kitchen) table. At the same time, a lot of designers and homeowners weren’t all that thrilled with the quality of light the new LED bulbs were putting out. That technology has evolved quickly. You can get warm, cool, or natural light from LEDs. And some lights are even programmable so that you can control not only the intensity of the light but you can even change the color!

Universal Design

Homeowners tend not to think about ease of access in the kitchen—until they need it. But the longer you can stay in your home (comfortably, conveniently and safely), the better! That’s a good thing because an increasing number of Americans are choosing to stay in their homes longer. But that means designing kitchens (and other rooms) that will continue to be comfortable and safe as you age. That’s why we are seeing modifications to conventional design that include features such as side-opening ovens placed at counter height; microwave drawers installed below counter height (so you don’t have to reach so high to remove heated item). In addition to being easier to reach, installing a microwave in a lower drawer can give your kitchen a clean, uncluttered look.

Those are just a few of the kitchen trends we’re seeing that seem to have staying power. We invite you to talk to our professional design team for more ideas or to check out some of the kitchens we’ve completed recently to glean ideas of your own.


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