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Garages: They're Not Just For Cars Anymore!

Posted by Chris Reed on May 12, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Garages-theyre-not-just-for-cars-anymore.jpgOne advantage of living in the Naples area is that your garage almost never gets too cold. But does your car really need all of that space just to keep it out of the intense Florida sun?  Chances are that you probably have a lot of space in your garage that’s severely underused. Here are a few ideas for how you might be able to make better use of that wasted space.

  • Nobody ever seems to have too much storage space. Whether it’s for seasonal decorations, items you only use once or twice a year or bulky things that just won’t fit in indoor closets, you could probably use some more storage space.
  • If you like woodworking, having a workshop in the garage can be a dream come true. You keep dust (and noise) out of the home and you still have space to move around. Plus, you can work “outside” even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. And if you set it up right, you’ll even have space to store your wood—right where you use it.
  • Crafting room. Maybe you’re into crafts but don’t like having unfinished projects laying around the house. Part of your garage could be a craftroom. You’d have room to spread out—and you wouldn’t have to pack everything up in the middle of a project just because guests are coming over.
  • An extra pantry. Sometimes your kitchen pantry just isn’t adequate for bulky items (appliances and even large-bulk foodstuffs). Having dedicated space in the garage lets you use your kitchen space for cooking and entertaining and keeps it less cluttered.

Of course, if you want to try any of those options, you want to do it right. There’s more involved than simply throwing up a few shelves and calling it done. To get the maximize the space (and not be an eyesore to the neighbors), you’ll want to carefully think through your needs and have a design drawn up that makes the space fun, attractive and convenient to use.

Garages: They’re not just for cars anymore! With the right plan, you can maximize the area so that you can protect your car AND meet your other needs for space.


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