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Get the Benefits of a Great Naples-area Remodel—Without the TV Drama!

Posted by Chris Reed on Jun 7, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Get-the-Benefits-of-a-Great-Naples-area-Remodel-Without-the-TV-Drama.jpgTelevision shows about remodeling and home improvement are hugely popular. There are a slew of shows to choose from, whether it’s Property Brothers, Holmes on Homes, Design on a Dime, Renovation Nation or the perennial favorite, This Old House.

Homeowners can glean some great ideas from some of these shows—and they’re usually pretty entertaining to watch. Of course, entertaining is the key word here. To make them fun to watch, the producers generally have to introduce a certain amount of drama into the shows to hold the audience’s interest.

Drama may be entertaining, but it’s not always fun when it creeps into your daily life. Can you get the benefits of a great Naples-area remodel without all of the drama you see on TV? Absolutely!

One of the first things you can do to eliminate unnecessary drama is to educate yourself about the process. A resource like our Remodeler’s Road Mapwhich you can download here for free— covers essential information such as the basics of finding the perfect remodeler,different types of remodeling processes,determining your budget, the design process, the construction phase andquestions to ask a remodeler—plus a whole lot more!

Another way a good remodeling company helps you avoid drama and stress is in spending time with you to identify exactly what you want to accomplish with your project and to cover questions you have about the process. You’ll also want to establish a realistic budget and a plan for what needs to be done—including a timeline for how long it will take.

Television shows like to play up those dramatic moments when homeowners are faced with surprises and tough decisions. But if you’re dealing with a reputable remodeler, he or she should spell out any issues clearly and then give you written options for how to solve the problem. A change order like this will also include costs and should let you know if the situation will affect the schedule.

Remodeling shows on TV like to create a sense of urgency. You really get the sense that everything moves very quickly. In reality, the pace is a little slower. And while you won’t need to look over your remodeler’s shoulder all the time, you’ll see progress happening. Also, if you see something that doesn’t seem to conform to your plan, you’ll have time to ask about it.

Real life remodeling is exciting, but it’s not quite as dramatic as what you see on television—and that’s better for everyone involved. If you choose a quality remodeler, you’ll get to skip a lot of the drama and still end up with the home you really want.

Plus, you won’t have to sit through a boatload of commercials every seven minutes or so!

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