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Naples, Florida Remodeling Blog

Give Me One Good Reason to Remodel My Naples Home! (How About 3?)

Posted by Chris Reed on Dec 4, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Give-me-one-good-reason-to-remodel-my-Naples-home-how-about-3_.jpgIn our 30-plus years of home contruction and remodeling in Florida, I don’t think we’ve ever run across anyone who simply woke up one morning and decided to remodel his or her house. If you’re going to do it right, it’s a fairly involved process and most people have pretty good reasons for doing it.

What is a good reason for remodeling? Here are three that we think make a lot of sense.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes you simply outgrow your existing home. The makeup and dynamics of your family may change. Kids’ grow up and have different needs. Eventually they move out and space that was devoted to their activities is under-used. But outgrowing your house doesn’t necessarily mean you want or need more square footage. It could be that the way you live has changed. Maybe you entertain more than you used to. Or it could be that the way you entertain has changed. Or maybe your interest in cooking has shifted from making meatloaf and peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches for the kids to gourmet cooking that requires a redo of your kitchen.

Preparing for the Future

An increasing number of American adults have expressed their desire to remain in their own homes as they mature. To facilitate that, more of them are taking steps now to redesign their homes to allow them to age in place. They end up with homes that are safer, more convenient, and easier to navigate—and will be into the future. Proper planning and design enable them to recreate homes that are beautiful now, but will also meet their needs for years to come.

It’s Still a Great Investment

Quality homes in sought-after neighborhoods and areas still retain their value. Some people don’t like the constant fluctuation of the markets and choose to put more of their money into their homes. And one of the big advantages to this is that they get to enjoy their investment while it’s accruing value!

Because You Can

I know I said I was going to list three reasons it makes sense to remodel, but there’s a fourth reason that’s absolutely valid that needs to be mentioned. Your tastes change over time. What appealed to you 20 years ago may have lost its luster. Sometimes a dramatic change in your surroundings (without moving) can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and about life. An updated home can make you feel more vibrant and engaged.

Take a look through our Photo Gallery to see what some other residents in the Naples area have done to update, improve, and reinvigorate their homes. No matter what your reason for remodeling, make sure you do it right—with a great design and superior craftsmanship. We’d love to help!


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