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How Often Should I Hear From My Naples Remodeler?

Posted by Chris Reed on Apr 14, 2016 7:00:00 AM

How_often_should_I_hear_from_my_Naples_remodeler_.jpgGood communication between a homeowner and a remodeler is essential to enjoying a successful remodeling project. Not only will the finished product be better, but you’ll enjoy the process a lot more, as well. But what does good communication look like? How often should you hear from your Naples-area remodeler during the process? Should you be waiting by the phone—or picking up the phone to call if you haven’t heard anything lately?

Here are a few guidelines for both the content and the frequency of communication during the remodeling process. These guidelines, by the way, assume that you’ve already met with your design team to map out what you want and to talk about the general schedule.

Some homeowners want constant (daily) updates. They want to know every little detail about what’s happened during the day. They want to be intimately involved in every detail of the process. Wanting to be involved is great, but once you decide what needs to be done, you need to let the craftsmen do their jobs. Looking over their shoulders, requesting changes or nitpicking about pricing doesn’t help. It will slow down the process. It will probably frustrate you and the craftsmen. And it can even increase your costs if you continually ask for changes.

Good communication happens when you and your remodeler agree up front on when you’ll be updated at which specific milestones. That allows the workers do their jobs without interruptions and still keeps you well-informed at regular (and important) intervals. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions and even to make necessary changes.

How frequently should you meet or talk with your builder? That really depends on what stage the project is in. In some stages,you might want to communicate quite often. You probably won’t need once-a-week updates throughout the project, but your remodeler should communicate before and after key milestones. For example, during a kitchen remodel, you should probably expect to talk to your remodeler before and after key phases such asthe installation of new electric wiring, the installation of new drywall, framing for new cabinetry,the installation of new cabinets and/or countertops and the installation of appliances.

The important thing is to set expectations up front so that any communications are helpful for both you and your builder. Then you can relax a bit and enjoy the process. Of course, that means you have to select a remodeler you trust—one who you feel has listened to you from the beginning.

It’s great to be in contact with your remodeler (and your remodeler should let you know who your main point of contact is). But you don’t need to sit by the phone wondering why your remodeler isn’t calling. It probably means he is simply doing his job.


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