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How to Create a Dreamy Pool House

Posted by Chris Reed on Jun 12, 2017 7:31:00 AM


We Floridian's love our pools. But if you've got a pool at your Naples-area home, you may not like the idea of traipsing through your house with a dripping wetsuit after a refreshing dip. Your guests may not enjoy changing out of their clothes into a swimsuit in your powder room and leaving their clothes on the floor or on the counter. And you may not enjoy having to haul cleaning supplies and chemicals from the house to the pool and back all the time. There is a solution to those problems. Here's how to create a dreamy pool house for your Naples home.

Define Your Dream

Before we go any further, it’s important to define your dream. What makes a pool house dreamy for you may be different than what it means for your Naples neighbors. Your pool house can be as simple or as elaborate as your wishes and budget allow. So you’ll want to consider how you plan to use this new addition before you get too far into planning.

On the less elaborate side of things, you may simply want a space where you or your guests can change into or out of swimwear without having to walk through the house. That could be accomplished with one or two small changing rooms, some built-in bench seating, and some hooks on which to hang clothes. You might want to build in a closet where you can keep pool supplies and maybe some other yard supplies so that you don’t have to run into the house or the garage to get them.

On the other end of the spectrum, you might want to create a space for outdoor entertaining. Your plans might include changing rooms with doors for privacy, but also include a seating area where you can hang out before or after a swim.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we found more than 6,000 photos of how homeowners have added extra flair to their homes with the addition of a pool house. Click here to see examples of everything from very simple to elaborate projects.

Style Considerations

Obviously, you'll want to build something that looks like it belongs in your backyard and doesn't clash with the style of your home. Some homeowners like to mimic the specific design of the home. Others look for a simpler, more "functional" solution. If your home has dominant stonework or a stucco finish, you may want to carry that over into the pool house. Or you could pick up elements of wood or stone from the main house and use them in the pool house.

Multi-faceted Structures

If you frequently have guests you might want to create a combination guest house/pool house. That way your out-of-town guests have privacy away from the main house. Our you might want to provide space for changing and storage, but also have an area devoted to outdoor dining. You might even want to add a feature such as a gas fireplace or a fire pit to add an inviting glow.

One key to getting the results you want is to talk to a designer to help establish what you want from your Naples pool house—and to make sure that the style you decide on looks great and allows you and your guests to enjoy yourselves comfortably.


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