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Naples, Florida Remodeling Blog

How to Decorate Your Naples, Florida Home for the Holidays

Posted by Chris Reed on Nov 24, 2017 7:53:00 AM

Many of us love to decorate our homes for the Holidays. There’s just something special about this time of year. Still, when you live in the Naples area, a lot of traditional holiday decorations seem—at least slightly—out of place. Is there really a way to mix palm trees and snowflakes, or beaches and snowmen? Here are a few ideas we found that can help you decorate your Naples, Florida home for the holidays in a distinctively Florida style

How-to-Decorate-Your-Naples-Florida-Home-for-the-Holidays1.jpgPalms & Pines

Just because you don’t have snow on your roof or frost on your windows doesn’t mean you can’t decorate in a festive way.  Palm fronds and pine boughs actually look great together. In this case, the decorations around the front door hint at what guests will find inside. And the potted plants on either side of the door balance the image. Depending on your preference, the dog is optional!













How-to-Decorate-Your-Naples-Florida-Home-for-the-Holidays2.jpgO, Tannenbaum . . .

For a lot of people, the tree is the center of attention in a holiday-themed home. You saw the hints of it at the front door and this homeowner carried that theme into the house itself. Who knows? Perhaps seashell ornaments might be in order. Or maybe instead of hanging stars, you could hang starfish.












How-to-Decorate-Your-Naples-Florida-Home-for-the-Holidays3.jpg#Gift Tags

If you’re the kind of family that exchanges gifts during the holiday season, you may want to rethink the way you tag your presents. What could be more Floridian than to use seashells as tags for your holiday gifts? Goodness knows there are enough beaches in the Naples area where you can find unique shells to use.












How-to-Decorate-Your-Naples-Florida-Home-for-the-Holidays4.jpgRethinking the Garland

Beautiful garlands have always been considered a staple of Holiday decorations. But if you live in the South, you may want to rethink how you create your garlands this year. Here’s an example of combining the traditional evergreen material with exotic flowers—maybe even from your garden!













How-to-Decorate-Your-Naples-Florida-Home-for-the-Holidays5.jpgSurfin’ Santa

This particular holiday piece probably isn’t for everyone. It’s admittedly not elegant. But if you have guests with a sense of humor, this could make an interesting addition to your powder room or your bar. And everybody knows that Santa spends the off-season in Florida (there have been reports of sightings at various beaches in the area). So, if you’re in a playful mood, you may want to give a nod to the man in red this holiday season.

Nobody ever said we have to do the holidays like the people up north. If you’re a traditionalist, that’s great. That will look wonderful, too. But if you want to give your holiday decorations a bit of a Naples flavor, you might want to try some of these suggestions!


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