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How to Enjoy a Productive and Helpful Visit to Your Naples Remodeling Project

Posted by Chris Reed on Jul 6, 2016 12:00:00 PM

How-to-enjoy-a-productive-and-helpful-visit-to-your-Naples-remodeling-project.jpgRemodeling your Naples-area home is an exciting proposition, whether you’re creating a beautiful master bath in Bonita Springs, a classic or modern kitchen in Pelican Bay or an elegant dining room in Estero.

If you’re having significant work done in your home, you probably want to see the progress being made. It’s OK to be passionate about your remodeling project. After all,it’syour home. But how can you get in on the excitement without getting in the way—and affecting the efficiency and even the safety of the people doing the work?

Put yourself in the builder’s shoes.

While our craftsmen are proud of their work and love what they do, nobody likes having someone look over their shoulder all the time while they’re working. It makes concentrating difficult and it can slow down the process.

Think “safety first.”

You’ll want to keep your distance when workers are using power tools. There’s a reason workers wear protective gear. But it’s not just the tools that you have to be concerned about. There may be cords to trip over or long boards that are being moved that can present hazards. Don’t make the workers watch out for you.

Curb your curiosity.

We understand that it can be fascinating to watch a crew work their magic. But it’s generally not a great idea to constantly ask them about what they’re doing. You have a timetable in mind for completing your remodel. The workers need to keep working to meet your deadline.

Avoid the urge to supervise.

Occasionally, a homeowner will have what he or she thinks might be a better way to do something. Keep in mind that your remodelers probably have a lot more experience at this kind of thing. Let them do what you’re paying them to do, and trust their expertise.

DO express appreciation.

The skilled workers we hire are proud of the work they do and they love it when someone shows appreciation. There’s nothing wrong with congratulating them on work they’re doing or with having a friendly chat with them when they show up or take a break. But when they start working, let them do what they do best.

Most of your involvement is going to come long before the craftsmen ever show up. The best way for you to be involved is to educate yourself about the process (downloading our free Remodeling Road Map e-book is a great way to do that). But once the construction begins, you’ll want to put on your Passionate Visitor hard hat and let the professionals take over.


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