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How to Find a Naples Home Contractor You Can Trust

Posted by Chris Reed on Oct 3, 2016 7:00:00 AM

How-to-Find-a-Naples-Home-Contractor-You-Can-Trust.jpgWhen you’re selecting a remodeler for your Naples-area home, there are a number of characteristics you’ll want to be sure that contractor possesses. Among them, of course, are things such as experience, skill, creativity, a commitment to quality, and a solid reputation. But there’s one characteristic that perhaps stands head and shoulders above the rest: Trust.

But what does it mean to trust your remodeler? You could argue that the qualities listed above form a pretty firm foundation upon which you can build trust. We wouldn’t disagree. But what is it that actually gets you over the hurdle and allows you to put your trust in someone who will help you shape your home?

In the 24 years that we’ve been in the remodeling business in Florida, we’ve noticed that there’s simply no substitute for someone who listens to your ideas. All the skill and experience in the world won’t build trust if you don’t have the sense that your remodeler understands exactly what you want. You may not know exactly how to achieve your goal, but you’re the only one who knows what you want from your remodeling project.

That’s why the interview process is so important when selecting a remodeling professional. You’ll want to make sure that the remodeler you’re considering asks the kinds of questions that really get at your goals and dreams. A remodeler who’s in a hurry to show you his or her plan before finding out what you want really doesn’t your best interests in mind. You’ve got to have a great design before you can achieve great results. That’s one reason so many of our customers comment about the important role our professional design team plays in the remodeling process. You can read some of those comments here.

Another thing that builds trust is when you know that the plans you’ve discussed with your designer are going to get passed on seamlessly to the folks actually doing the physical work of remodeling. That’s one of the big advantages of design-build remodeling. Your designers and craftsmen are on the same team—and on the same page about what needs to be done. That means no finger pointing or miscommunication. And it gives you the confidence that what you talked about with the designer is what you’ll actually get.

Choosing a remodeler you can trust is an essential part of getting the results you want, but it takes a bit of time and effort on your part. Here is a post that suggests some great questions to ask a potential remodeler to determine if you feel he or she is the right candidate for the job.

Build trust before re-building your home is the best way to ensure a successful remodeling experience.

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