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How to Prepare Yourself for a Significant Remodeling Project

Posted by Chris Reed on Nov 16, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Since 1907 boys and girls from around the world have been exhorted by the Scouting movement to “Be Prepared!” And even though you may never earn a merit badge, that’s still good advice if you’re a homeowner planning a significant home remodeling project.

A little advance preparation can make the remodeling of your home a whole lot less stressful. We’re not even talking about looking at plans and ideas and materials and contractors. Those are all important as well, but there are some simple, practical things you can do to make things easier for yourself will construction is happening.

Make Room

If you’re planning a major remodeling (whether it’s your kitchen, your bathroom, your living room, or another room) you’ll need to make room for the workers. That means the furniture and decorations that were in the room need to go somewhere. It’s not safe (or fair) for the work to have to work around items. Plus, you don’t want to rish damage to your items. Move everything to a safe place. If you have spare rooms in your home that’s great, but we’ve known some clients who have rented storage space furing remodeling. That way the rest of the house doesn’t feel so cluttered and crowded.

Excuse Our Dust

You’ve seen the signs in businesses that are remodeling: “Excuse our dust, but remodel we must.” The fact of the matter is that remodeling generally creates a fair amount of dust. And even though we take pains to keep the dust contained in the work area, you may want to cover furniture with sheets to keep the dust off. It’s a lot easier to throw a load of sheets in the washer at the end of construction than it is to try to vacumm everything later.

Make Alternate Arrangements

If your kitchen is being remodeled, you may find yourself eating a lot more meals out than usual. But you can’t eat every meal out, so you’re going to need an alternate place to prepare meals and store food. Plan ahead and set up a microwave and a hot plate and some kitchen utensils in another room. And remember that you’re going to need a place to wash dishes. Set things up ahead of time so you’re not digging through boxes trying to find what you need.

Pack Like You’re Moving

There’s a temptation to pack quickly and just get things out of the way when your “stuff” is staying in the house. Pack carefully and label your boxes so that if you need something you can find it. It will also make it a lot easier to put stuff away when the project is done.

Expect Some Inconvenience

Remodeling is an intrusive experience. While your builder should be courteous and clean and respectful, things aren’t going to be “normal” for a while. Use the time to get out more. See some movies or shows or go to a concert. This time of year in Florida you may want to take more walks. Those things are a lot more fun than staring at a project in progress.

So “Be Prepared!” because a little bit of preparation before the sawdust flies can make your remodeling experience a lot more pleasant. Oh, and one more thing you can do while construction is happening: You can prepare an open house for friends and family to show off your “new” home!


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