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How to Use Elegance and Luxury to Create a Grand Entryway in Your Naples Home

Posted by Chris Reed on Jul 25, 2017 1:05:00 PM

Elegance-and-Luxury-How-to-Create-a-Grand-Entryway-in-Your-Naples-Home.jpgIt’s been said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to your Naples-area home, your entryway is often the first impression guests have of your house. Here are a few different ways to use elegance and luxury (and a dash of personality) to create a grand entryway in your Naples home.

  • Use Your Entry to Set The Tone: It can be easy to think of an entryway as nothing more than a passage from outside to the rest of the house. Don’t make the mistake of treating your entry as a “throw-away” space. Instead, use it to introduce guests to elements they’ll find as they venture deeper into you home.
  • Make it Personal: If you are passionate about something you can put that passion on display. Maybe you love art. Feature some of the art you’ve collected (or created yourself) as a focal point in your entry. Perhaps you love to collect books. In addition to providing you with entertainment, some of your books can make an intriguing statement in your entry. If you’re an antique collector you may want to display some unusual and attractive collectibles inside your front door. It doesn’t matter whether you have a long and grand entryway or a simple foyer—make it interesting, welcoming, and personal. What if you’re uncertain about what your “remodeling personality” looks like? Click here for an article that helps you sort that out and make appropriate plans.
  • Coordinate Your Colors: Use your wall colors to set your entry apart from the rest of the rooms on that level. Pick up touches of your wall colors in the items you use to decorate. You may even want to use more than one color to add interest, but make sure you coordinate your palette to provide continuity. Which color is right for your home? Here’s a quick look at Pantone’s “Color of the Year” for 2017.
  • Treat Your Entry Like a Small Room: Depending on the size and configuration of your entry, you can create a small, intimate sitting room in the space. While guests may not actually linger or sit there, it creates and atmosphere that welcomes them.
  • Use Size and Symmetry to Create an Entrance Experience: One way to make a smaller entryway feel larger is to use a large mirror to create more visual space. You can also balance that mirror with matching lamps on either side (and the mirror will reflect that light back on the rest of the hallway). Another reason a mirror is a nice touch is that it allows guest to make “last minute adjustments” before entering your home.

The entryway in your Naples home may not be the largest room in your house—but it can have a powerful impact on how guests perceive your home. It’s simply too important to ignore. You don’t have to go it alone in an attempt to add elegance and luxury to your entryway. Here’s a post that highlights what a professional designer brings to the table when you’re thinking about remodeling. We’d be happy to help you decide how to remodel your entry so that it welcomes guests to your elegant Naples home. 


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