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Juggling the Risks & Rewards of Different Remodeling Processes

Posted by Ryann Minkler on Sep 27, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Juggling-the-Risks--Rewards-of-Different-Remodeling-Processes.jpgYou may not have thought about it, but there are different ways to approach the remodeling of your Naples-area kitchen, bathroom, or family room. Not all remodelers are the same and the methods or processes they follow differ.

Some remodelers will work from a plan that you provide. It’s up to you to deliver a workable plan. You may enlist the expertise of a professional designer, or you may simply sketch out what you want to accomplish and let the remodeler have at it.

Other remodelers (Reed Design Build being one of them) are design-build remodelers. This approach begins with a clear and concise design that the remodeling team crafts based on a client’s specific wishes, and needs. Then that specific plan is handed over to other members of the same team to execute.

Which approach is right for you? We’d like to take a shot at helping you juggle the risks and rewards of these two approaches to remodeling your Naples-area home.


If you simply sketch out what you want a remodeler to do, you may do so without being aware of the structural issues involved. Your remodeler could find himself having to deal with a weight-bearing wall that you want moved. If there is a work-around solution, it may be much more costly than what you originally planned. The remodeler is going to have to charge you more. It’s not his responsibility, because it’s not his plan. He may have had no idea what he was getting into.

There’s also a risk involved if you enlist the services of an independent designer. Some things look great on paper, but are much more difficult to execute in a real home environment. A designer can have a really great idea—but unless the construction folks know how to make it happen, it could be much more difficult to pull of. It could delay your project, or end up costing you more than planned.


There are rewards you’ll reap when using a design-build contractor. First of all, the designers and builders are part of the same team. They are used to working together. There’s no confusion about what needs to be done or what the plans mean. Nothing gets lost in translation. In addition, when the designer sits down with you to develop the plan, he or she won’t suggest something that the builders can’t accomplish. And because the designers and builders work together, the designers can run ideas past the builders (to ensure feasibility) before they present it to you. There’s less back and forth and the process runs more smoothly—and quickly.

Another reward is that your designer will work with you to find out what you really want. He or she may have ideas (from past experience) of how to approach an obstacle or a setback that you never considered. And with the practical experience the builders lend—the designer can be confident that the solution will work!

At Reed Design Build, we’re delighted to have one of the best design teams in the industry. And if you check out our photo gallery, we think the results we get speak for themselves. Our clients seem to think working with us is pretty rewarding as well. Click here to check out what they have to say about working with a design-build remodeler.

Why chance the risks when you can enjoy the rewards of an integrated design and build approach to creating the Naples home you’ve always dreamed of?



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