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Little Things in Your Home That Are Actually Stressing You Out

Posted by Chris Reed on Sep 24, 2017 8:31:00 AM

In his classic hit, Back Home Again, singer John Denver sang, “It’s the little things that make a house a home . . .”  It’s true that small touches can make a big impact on the way your home feels. It could be the way your entryway is decorated. Or it might be your choice of countertop materials in your kitchen. But little things can also have a negative impact on your at-home experience. Here’s a look at a few “little” things that can actually stress you out.

  • Insufficient Storage: Not having enough space to store everything is a problem that causes homeowners stress. Clutter makes it hard to relax. If you’re working in the kitchen, you want to take advantage of your counter space. But if your counters are crowded with “stuff” that can be hard to do. Here’s a look at some clever storage ideas
  • Doors That Don’t Operate Properly: A door has one simple job—to open and close securely. A door (whether it’s in a kitchen cabinet or between rooms in your home) that doesn’t function properly makes you feel like it’s of inferior quality. It may not be the door itself that’s the problem—but if it doesn’t work right, it just feels wrong.
  • Interior Walls That Don’t Block Sound: Your home should be a place of tranquility. But if you’ve got unwanted sound coming in from the outside—or from other rooms in your home, that sense of tranquility can disappear in an instant. (Windows, insulation, etc.)
  • Worn or Creaky Flooring: You may not spend a lot of time staring at your floors, but they play a huge role in how comfortable your home feels. Flooring that’s worn can make the whole house feel outdated. And if your floor makes unwanted sounds when you walk on it, that’s not exactly relaxing. Here’s an article that talks about evaluating different flooring for your home.
  • Poorly Designed Bathrooms: Next to your kitchen, your master bathroom may be the room you use most often. Let’s face it—you use it at least a couple of times every day. If you’re frustrated getting ready for your day, or getting ready for bed at night, that can stress you out. But what are the really important features of your bathroom? Here’s a post that looks at bathroom essentials so that this important room relieves stress instead of causing
  • Incompatible Kitchen Design: It’s one thing to have a kitchen that looks great, but what’s really important is to have a kitchen that fits your particular sense of style and is compatible with your lifestyle. If you want a stress-free kitchen, it needs to be designed to be compatible with the way you cook and entertain. So what’s the “perfect” kitchen for you? Here’s a post that looks at some of your options.

Those are just a few of the little things that can stress you out in your own home. The good news is that BackHomeAgain.jpgwe have a superb in-house design team that can help you eliminate those stress-inducing items and turn your home into a comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing place!

By the way, just for fun, you can click here to hear Mr. Denver sing that classic song one more time!


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