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Naples Neighborhood Spotlight: Vanderbilt Beach

Posted by Chris Reed on May 9, 2017 11:03:49 AM

VanderbiltBeach.jpgIf you travel just three miles to the north of Naples you’ll encounter Vanderbilt Beach - one of the most popular Gulf beaches in Florida. Despite it’s lofty name, however, Vanderbilt Beach had more inauspicious beginnings (and really had nothing to do with the legendary Vanderbilt family.

As late as the 1950s (some 70 years after the death of the famed business magnate Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt, the area that bears the name of one of the wealthiest U.S. citizens ever, was a pristine patch of scrub oaks and mangrove stands bordering the Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s west coast.

And while this Naples neighborhood is now home to beautiful luxury homes and hotels, there was a time when itinerant farmers were virtually the only occupants of the area. That was before developer J.B. Connors began to turn the land into a deed-restricted community in the 1960s. Although there was some speculation that Mr. Connors was a friend of the Vanderbilt family, the more likely story is that he chose the name in an attempt to cash in on the caché of the name and create an community with a sense of prestige and luxury.

As the housing boom of the 1970s swept across Florida, the area saw an increase in the number of condominiums that housed both full-time residents from the area as well as seasonal residents. Many of the first homes built in the development have long since disappeared and been replaced by newer, more luxurious homes. It’s location and beauty continues to make it an extremely popular community on the Gulf.

Part of the reason for that, of course, are the beach itself and the Vanderbilt Beach County Park. Located at the end of Vanderbilt Beach Road, Vanderbilt Beach County Park borders the Gulf of Mexico—in close proximity to hotels, shopping and restaurants. There is plenty of parking for visitors and easy handicap accessibility to the beach. Visitors will also find rest rooms, showers, and bicycle racks located close to the beach. The beach itself is well maintained—making it a great area to enjoy long walks on flat, beautiful sand. Some residents and visitors enjoy great shelling in the early morning hours. There are also amply opportunities for bird watching at any time of day. And anyone who just wants to kick back and relax can enjoy reclining in a tropical coastal hammock while observing subtropical vegetation and native wildlife.

Obviously, residents of Vanderbilt Beach take pride in their homes in this beautiful part of the greater Naples community. And that means any improvements or remodeling projects need to meet exceeding standards. If you’re considering renovating your Vanderbilt Beach home, I invite you to click here to see some of the quality remodeling projects we’ve completed for other discriminating homeowners in the Naples area.

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