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Nature & Innovation

Posted by Meriam Reed on Mar 13, 2014 6:12:00 AM

Wow! Season is in full swing down here in Naples, and with all the hustle and bustle getting time for educational seminars is tough. I am so glad Nichole, Wanda, and I were able to make time to meet with Mary from Antolini last week.

Antolini is a leading innovator and producer of natural stone. They are located in Verona, Italy and their materials can be found locally at UMI. We also have a wonderful NEW countertop display of their hot new stone colors and finishes in our showroom (you should definitely stop in and check them out!)

Some fresh new items out from Antolini are Quartzite materials, a leather finishing technique, and their new A Zerobact treatment.

Quartzite stone (although technically not new…the material has been around for more than hundreds of thousands of years) is newer to the countertop industry. Not to be confused with the manmade material Quartz, this material is taking the industry by storm because of some of its unique features. Most quartzite materials are very dense like granite but have a softer silkier appeal like marble. For those people who want the softer more understated marble look without the care and maintenance, then quartzite is a great solution. Taj Mahal, Perla, Quartzite Renoir are just some of the amazing colors that are available in quartzite. At http://www.umistone.com/ ,one of our local suppliers, you can look at these amazing colors and more.

Leather finishing in lieu of the standard polished finish is also a trend that is taking off. It is a new approach to a material that we have been using for a long time. Stones that we may have become stale over the years because of the saturated market, now have a fresh new look. The leather finish has more of a matte quality rather than the polish, and when applied to the stone its colors and pattern take on a completely different look.

The last and most innovative element that Antolini has launched is the “A Zerobact” technology. A Zerobact is a nanotechnology based on ionization to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould on surfaces. You can go to http://www.antoliniusa.com/en/zerobact to learn more about this technology.


Lyndsey Davis, Interior Designer NCIDQ Cert #025575 IDS Lyndsey Davis, Interior Designer
NCIDQ Cert #025575

The most impressive and interesting part of the seminar was the presentation of a video that Antolini has put together. Check out the video at http://youtu.be/YGXbYb-_qOE The short video shows, in a beautifully artistic way, the journey that a slab goes through from the time it is quarried to the end product beautifully installed in someone’s home. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch, it gives you a real appreciation of the beauty of the material as well as the skill it takes to fabricate it.

This seminar left all of us so very excited about the new materials and treatments out there. Anyone that is starting to feel like "the granite and stone trend is over and on its way out" should think again!!

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