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Negotiating a "Win/Win" Agreement with Your Naples-area Remodeler

Posted by Chris Reed on Feb 4, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Negotiating-a-Win-Win-Agreement-With-Your-Naples-area-Remodeler.jpgWhen you talk about negotiating an agreement with a builder or remodeler, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the cost of the deal. Nobody wants to pay more than they should for a project. Here’s a helpful post that talks about the right way to talk to your remodeler about costs.

And while costs are important, they aren’t the only area where you and your builder need to come to an agreement. There may be times when what you have in mind isn’t practical exactly the way you envision it. Or there may be occasions when it’s physically impossible to accomplish because of structural limitations.  How do you achieve consensus when your builder suggests something that is different from what you wanted?

It’s important to remember that a remodeling effort is actually a team effort. You and your remodeler are really on the same side—or at least you should be. When you’re working out the plan and budget for what you want to accomplish in your Naples-area home, the goal isn’t to have a “winner” and a “loser.”  What you’re really looking for is a win-win solution in which both you and your remodeler are happy.

That’s why it’s so critical to choose the right Naples-area remodeler for your project. You want someone who will listen to exactly what you want and can advise you on the best way to accomplish your goals. And you also want to select someone with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to get the job done right.

It’s also important to realize that when you sit down with your designer/remodeler to plan your project, your goal isn’t to complete the project as cheaply as possible. Yes, your budget is important, but what you really want to end up with is the best value for the money you spend. So when you’re negotiating the price with your remodeler you may have to make some compromises to bring the project in within your budget.

What that means is that your remodeler may suggest alternative materials that are less expensive—or recommend that you scale back the scope of your project in order stay within your budget. The flip side of this is that your remodeler could also suggest that you increase your budget to achieve what you want. It’s not that your builder is trying to squeeze more money out of you—it’s an attempt to make sure you’re happy with the end result.

So make sure you take the time to select a remodeler you trust—and then work together to reach an agreement that you’re both happy with.


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