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Play to Your Home's Strengths—Where Should You Remodel in Your Naples Home?

Posted by Chris Reed on Apr 1, 2015 6:31:00 AM

Play-to-your-homes-strength-where-should-you-remodelSometimes homeowners are inclined to look at remodeling as something they do to fix a problem. They want more space, so they add on. Their kitchen feels outdated, so they upgrade it. Maybe a dingy guest bathroom embarrasses them, so they do a complete makeover. 

Those are all perfectly legitimate reasons to remodel. You want your home to be a comfortable place where you feel good about relaxing and welcoming family and friends. But remodeling isn’t just about “fixing problems.” Sometimes it’s about accentuating the great things about your home and letting them shine. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at your home’s strengths—and play to those strengths. 

Here’s an example. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have really great views from your home. But if your home was built more than a few years ago, you may not be able to take full advantage of those views. Often the windows that were installed years ago were not as large (or energy-efficient) as the ones manufactured today. Many times builders simply installed what was popular at the time. 

That might mean that the view from your family room is great—if you happen to be standing right at the (relatively small) window. But if you’re on the opposite side of the room, you don’t get the same impact. One thing to consider might be installing new larger windows—maybe even floor-to-ceiling windows—that take advantage of the great views. Today’s windows and doors let you enjoy the view, but keep out harmful UV rays and also keep your home cool. The photo you see here is an example of how a long galley-style kitchen in a home we remodeled takes advantage of a great view using oversized windows. Check out our photo gallery for a closer look at this kitchen (and other areas where we’ve helped homeowners take advantage of their views). 

This doesn’t just apply in areas that guests see. Even if you don’t have perfect ocean- or golf-course views, you may still want to take advantage of the great natural light we enjoy in the Naples area. If your home is broken up into smaller rooms, it’s hard to take advantage of that. You might want to consider a remodeling project that gives you more of an open design—one that let’s natural light into rooms that otherwise would be darker. It’s a significant project, but it really plays to the strengths of the Florida climate. 

What are your home’s strengths? How can you take advantage of those strengths to make your home even more inviting and comfortable? If you’re looking for ideas, our design team can help you out!



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