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Project Spotlight: Maritato Residence

Posted by Chris Reed on Jul 30, 2017 1:02:00 PM

Project-Spotlight_Maritato-Residence.jpgRemodeling your Naples-area home is about more than merely updating or replacing features or fixtures in your home. It’s really about problem solving. It’s about improving a house you like and turning it into a home you love. The design/build approach to remodeling starts with looking at your desires; analyzing the existing situation; and then designing and building a solution that delivers what you really want.

It’s one thing to talk about that theory, but it’s more helpful to actually look at an actual example. That’s why we’d like to walk you through the Maritato family’s kitchen remodel process—a remodeling project we recently finished. You can see the finished result above—but that’s not how their kitchen originally looked.

Project-Spotlight-Maritato-Residence2.jpgWhen the Maritato family moved into their house it looked like this and seemed to be the perfect size since their children were smaller. Eight years later, they had outgrown the kitchen’s capacity. The kids were older and the family found it awkward to entertain larger groups of friends. Plus, they wanted their house to be the place their kids’ friends would hang out.

They wanted to create a kitchen where they could cook while family and friends gathered together. Their dream was to move the cooking area to an island and to be able to seat up to twelve people around the island/table at any given time (while still being able to enjoy sitting comfortably with an intimate gathering of four).At the same time, they wanted to convert their existing electric stove and oven to gas.

While both parents were in hearty agreement that they needed to make some changes, they didn’t necessarily agree on everything! Mr. Maritato wanted to keep the existing cabinets and Mrs. Maritato wanted a completely new look and feel.

By the way, that’s not unusual in the remodeling process. Click here for a post about how to get on the same page with your spouse when remodeling. We’re pleased to report that we were able to accommodate both of them! We kept the perimeter cabinets and still delivered a brand new look and feel by installing matching appliance panels with crowns and adding a beautiful new contrasting island, hutch and window seat.

Project-Spotlight-Maritato-Residence3.jpgHere’s another view of the finished kitchen. The whole family was extremely pleased with the light and airy look; the functional cooking space; and the much-desired entertainment area.  We were able to bring warmth to the quartzite island with the surrounding wood top (which coordinate with the existing cabinets). We were even able to add a bonus feature: The wood top portion of the island was designed with a removable leaf so the family can make it a more intimate table when just the four of them eat together.

Project-Spotlight-Maritato-Residence4.jpgHere’s another little bonus. We actually won the Chrysalis Award for Remodeling Excellence based on this job in the category of “Kitchen Remodel’s Under $75000.” (By the way, not every kitchen remodel costs $75,000. Click here for a look at what a kitchen remodel in the Naples area costs.) We’re almost as happy about winning that award as we are with knowing that the Maritato family is delighted with their new Naples kitchen. Almost!

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