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Reasons Your Remodeling Project Might Be Delayed (and When It Might Be Worth It)

Posted by Chris Reed on Feb 22, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Reasons-your-remodeling-project-might-be-delayed-and-when-it-might-be-worth-it.jpgIf you mention to friends that you’re thinking about remodeling your Naples-area home, you’ll probably hear horror stories about remodeling schedules that took twice as long as promised. First of all, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll talk about that a bit more below. Second, not all delays are a bad thing—and I’ll explain that as well.

Delays Don’t Have to Happen.

Most delays in the homebuilding process don’t have to happen. Occasionally you’ll run into delays due to materials not being available. If you do your homework ahead of time and work with your remodeler to select the right materials, and order them ahead of time, you can avoid most delays. A builder, however, can’t install what’s not at hand.

Unexpected changes can also derail a remodeling schedule. That’s not to say that minor changes can’t be made. But continually changing direction on materials, plans, and finishes invariably slows things down (and generally drives costs up). That’s what change orders are all about. They let you know exactly how much your changes will cost and how they will impact the schedule.

Not All Delays Are Bad.

There are times when simply plowing ahead with the wrong plan is the worst thing you can do. Even homeowners who have meticulously researched their finish materials sometimes find that seeing the actual material in place in their home isn’t going to give them the result they wanted. If you’re putting in the backsplash for your new kitchen and you discover that the tiles you chose look awful with your new cabinets, it’s probably worth the delay (and expense) to stop and re-group. While it’s true that your project will likely be delayed by a few days, it’s better to end up with a kitchen you love rather than hating your kitchen for years to come. And it will be cheaper than having to redo the room a couple of years down the road.

More often than not, most significant delays come from changes requested by homeowners who didn’t have a good grip on what they really wanted at the beginning of a project and perhaps made hasty decisions that they now regret. Home remodeling decisions aren’t always easy! Here’s a helpful article about how to prepare yourself to make better decisions about your remodeling project from the beginning, so that you can start enjoying your “new” home sooner!


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