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Should I Remodel My Naples Home in 2019?

Posted by Chris Reed on Jan 2, 2019 12:54:00 PM

Should I Remodel My Naples Home in 2019?Every New Year arrives with a host of questions. To a large degree, those questions tend to focus on whether this will be a better year than the one before. According to NPR, most Americans are feeling pretty good about 2019. They cite a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll that showed 60 percent of Americans are optimistic about the world in 2019, compared with just 37 percent whose outlook is less rosy. (That leaves 3 percent of the country as merely ambivalent if you're counting.) If you’re a homeowner in the Naples area, you may have another question: “Should I remodel my Naples home in 2019?”

3 Things To Consider

While there can be a lot of details involved in a remodeling project, it may be helpful to reduce the decision about remodeling to 3 key factors: Lifestyle; Needs and Affordability. Let’s look at each of those.

1. Has Your Lifestyle Changed?

Have you changed the way you use your home? Think about the things you like to do. Does your home (in its current configuration) allow you to do that the way you want? Maybe you've been experimenting with gourmet cooking and would really like to branch out—but your current kitchen really isn't set up in a way that allows you to explore that adventure. A remodel of your kitchen (not just new cabinets or countertops) can open up the opportunity to pursue that new passion.

Perhaps the way you entertain has changed. Increasingly, the kitchen has become the entertainment hub of the home. But if your kitchen is closed off from the rest of the house, that’s a challenge. That’s one reason open concept design has become (and remains) so popular.

2. Will Your Personal Needs Change?

Changes in your personal needs can be a great reason to remodel. You may enjoy great health and mobility, but that can change. Increasing numbers of Americans want to stay in their own homes as long as possible (rather than move to a retirement community). Smart homeowners plan ahead for changes in their physical abilities. They make subtle (but important) changes in their kitchens and bathrooms that make it much easier to age in place.

BathoomHere’s an example of what that can look like. This Bonita Bay home features a beautifully remodeled bathroom with a walk-in shower that reduces the risk of tripping. There is no lip to step over. You’ll also notice built-in seating and attractive grab bars. What you won’t think when looking at this bathroom is that a “mature” person lives here. It’s stylish, beautiful, and practical. Click here for additional images of this beautiful Bonita Bay bathroom.


3. Can You Afford It?

To be honest, this is often one of the first questions Naples homeowners ask when considering the question: “Should I remodel?” Frankly, we think it’s a great question to ask. Knowing what a project should cost helps you make decisions about the kind of remodeling project you’ll want to undertake. It can protect you from overspending. It helps you set realistic expectations for your project. But it can also protect you from settling for less than you really want (or need). Here’s an article that provides a helpful framework about what different levels of remodeling can cost (in this, case, it compares a variety of kitchen remodeling costs).

Should you remodel your Naples-area home in 2019? Consider whether your lifestyle has changed; whether your personal needs are different; and start collecting information about whether a remodeling project fits your budget. We’re happy to help in any way we can!

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