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Should Your Naples Kitchen Have These Smart Appliances?

Posted by Ryann Minkler on Jul 2, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Should-Your-Naples-Kitchen-Have-These-Smart-Appliances.jpgAs long-time design-build remodelers (we’ve been remodeling homes in Florida since 1992), we’ve always felt that great kitchens come about as a result of careful planning, great design and excellent craftsmanship. We tend to focus on timeless kitchen trends and great design—rather than on the latest fads. But every now and then, we run across fun little touches that can have a big impact on the way kitchens look, feel, and function.

If you’re considering remodeling your Naples kitchen, here’s a look at some smart kitchen appliances that just might make a big difference in the comfort and convenience of your kitchen.

Smart Scales

Do you really need a smart scale for cooking? After all, Grandma never had one. She’d dig out the old kitchen scale to weigh her ingredients. But there’s a good chance Grandma had a little more time than you do to spend in the kitchen. Now you can select a recipe and then use a scale with a Bluetooth connection to your iPad to follow a recipe, and your smart scale will tell you when you’ve added exactly the right amount of each ingredient.

Smart scales aren’t just for measuring ingredients for baking. The Perfect Drink Pro is a connected scale that uses an app on your phone to help you mix the perfect drink. Set your shaker or mixing bowl on the scale and the device will monitor things as you’re mixing. It will tell you what proportions of what components to mix in. And if you make a mistake (adding too much of one ingredient) it will help you adjust the recipe on the fly! It reduces stress before you’ve even had your first drink!

Smart Ovens

One of the benefits of a smart oven is that you don’t always have to be around to check on things. If you’re on the go a lot, you can use a smart oven (like the one LG makes) to handle cooking or baking while you’re out. It enables you to monitor and adjust your oven’s temperature from anywhere via your smart phone. Want to throw something in the oven when you get home? No problem. You can preheat your oven remotely. What if you’re cooking and can’t remember what temperature you should use for a favorite dish? Just use the recipe stored in the oven’s memory and it will set the temperature for you!

Some of us love to eat well, but aren’t all that crazy about cooking. Have you ever wished your oven would just cook your food for you? That’s the idea behind the June Intelligent Oven, a smart oven that employs a camera to observe the food you're cooking and determine exactly how to cook it best. All you have to do is confirm exactly what you want to cook and then the oven takes over. You won’t even need to set the oven’s temperature or time! And if you want to check on the process, there’s an internal camera that can send images of your meal-in-progress to your phone.

Smart Refrigerators

Most of us think about refrigerators exclusively as big boxes that keep our food and ingredients cool (or frozen). Today’s refrigerators can do a lot more. Now your refrigerator can guarantee that it will always be well stocked. LG makes a refrigerator that allows you to scan receipts from the grocery store into the refrigerator’s memory so that it can remind you when you’re getting low on something. It will even track the “best-used-by” date on food so you don’t have to worry about eating spoiled food.

Samsung's Family Hub Fridge takes things even farther. If you’ve ever been at the grocery store and realized that you can’t remember if you need milk, or orange juice, you don’t have to worry anymore. These smart refrigerators have a built-in touch screen and even have cameras inside. Can’t remember if you have enough milk? No problem! You can pull up a live view of the inside of your fridge on your smart phone and see for yourself!

Smart Smoker

You don’t have to limit your smart devices to things inside your home. If you have an outdoor kitchen (or are thinking about adding one) you might want to consider including a Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker. This Wi-Fi enabled smoker uses what they call“SmartChef Technology,” in conjunction with a mobile app to notify you and to deliver perfectly smoked food for your outdoor events.

Of course, smart appliances are only a small part of what makes a great kitchen. If you’re looking for additional inspiration, check out some of the kitchens we’ve created in the Naples area. You’ll find a wide variety of styles that can give you some great ideas for your home.

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