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Sometimes It Pays to Spend More on Your Remodeling: Here Are 3 Times When It Does

Posted by Ryann Minkler on Jan 11, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Sometimes-it-pays-to-spend-more-on-your-Naples-remodeling-here-are-3-times-when-it-does.jpgIn the 30-something years that Reed Design-Build has been remodleing homes in Florida, not once has a client asked if he or she could please pay more. It just doesn’t happen.

There have been times, however, when clients confided that they wished they had spent a little more in order to get what they really wanted. The fact is that sometimes it pays to spend more on your Naples-area remodeling project. We’re not talking about blowing your budget—it’s important that you set a realistic budget and work within it. But there are times when investing a bit more really pays off. Here are three areas where that’s true.


You’ve heard the old adage: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” It’s really true when you’re remodeling your home. Vague ideas and cosmetic changes won’t deliver the kind of changes you’re really after. Professional designers know how to get the most out of the space you have and they also know how to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to you (by listening to you). But here’s where they are worth their weight in gold: They know how to communicate your wishes and desires to the people who will actually be doing the remodeling work so that you actually get what you want!


The materials you use in your home really do matter. If you’ve ever purchased a knock-off item of any kind, you know what this means. It may look nice (for a while), but it just won’t hold up. Quality materials hold up better and perform better over time. And the kicker is, that ends up saving you money because you don’t have to replace inferior quality materials!


The people performing the work of remodeling can make or break the project. Great design and superior materials won’t matter if the people doing the work aren’t skilled craftsmen. Does it cost a bit more to use skilled craftsmen? Of course—just like superior materials cost a bit more. But the results speak for themselves.

If you’re serious about remodeling your Naples-area home, you’ll want to check out our free Remodeling a House, Creating a Home eBook. It’s packed with great ideas and will help you create the home you really want—and guide you toward the places where you can save and where you shouldn’t try to cut corners!


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