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Southern Hospitality: Tips for Entertaining Out-of-Town Guests and Family

Posted by Chris Reed on May 30, 2015 7:42:00 AM

Southern-hospitality-tips-for-entertaining-out-of-town-guests-and-familyOne thing most Floridians can count on is that they’ll get visitors on a fairly regular basis. Hey, you love living here, so it’s no surprise that your family and friends will want to come visit. So how can you show them a little bit of southern hospitality while they’re here? 

One thing that will make their visit enjoyable and memorable is to show them things they won’t see back home. So when you go out to dinner while your visitors are here, try to stay away from the national chain restaurants. Take them somewhere unlike anything they have at home.  Check out the Ten Best Restaurants in Naples for some fresh ideas! 

Explore the Naples Botanical Gardens, which consists of 170 acres of cultivated gardens and preservation land, representing seven distinct natural habitats and ecosystems and features more than 1000 different species. 

Take your guests to the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, where they can explore a 13,000- acre preserve that is home to the largest remaining stand of old growth bald cypress in North America and enjoy wildlife viewing and nature photography. There’s nothing like this back where they’re from! 

Schedule a short trip to Naples Pier. It’s great for a stroll during the day or at sunset. The pier is always lined with people fishing—and many of them can provide a good commentary on the area. There’s a good chance you and your guests will spot dolphin swimming around the pier. 

What if you don’t feel like going out? Prepare a meal together. Maybe grab some fresh local seafood and get together in the kitchen to prepare it together. Working together to prepare a meal is fun (you may need to do a little bit of preparation so that you have tasks for everyone). Or maybe you can make a freezer of ice cream together and eat it on the deck. Preparing a meal or a fun dessert together gets everybody interacting and talking. Plus it gives you something to do if the conversation drags! 

If you discover that your kitchen or patio isn’t quite up to the task of hosting company, check out some of the work we’ve done for your neighbors. We can help you create a home where people will love to visit—and you’ll love to have them come!


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