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2018 Summer Events in Naples, Florida

Posted by Chris Reed on Apr 27, 2018 1:56:07 PM

2018 Summer Events in Naples FloridaThis is the time of year when year-round Naples residents watch the annual migration of the Snowbirds. Sure, it can get a little warm around here in the summer months. To be honest, it’s not that bad if you know the secrets to staying cool. And besides, just because some people leave town for a while that doesn’t mean that things shut down.  Here’s a look at 2018 summer events in Naples, Florida. Plus, with fewer people around it’s easier to get a table at your favorite restaurant—and find a good parking space!


Every evening from May 31 to June 13 you can enjoy SWFL Restaurant Week. It’s a 14-day food event promotion that celebrates the BEST dining at an affordable price. The goal of Restaurant Week is to encourage increased dining out at locally owned establishments and to celebrate the array of cuisine available here in Southwest Florida. Participating restaurants offer 3-course menus starting at $25 and $35.

Farmers Market

Every Saturday until June 13, 2018, you can enjoy the Open Air Farmers Market on Third Street. The Third Street South Farmer's Market has been a popular – and still growing – destination for more than 20 years, and features the best of our region's artisan foods and goods. Whether sampling locally-grown fruits and vegetables, or finding your favorite prepared foods, you will find something that appeals at this year-round market. In the summer months, find the Third Street South Farmer’s Market in the parking lot behind Tommy Bahama and along 13th Avenue South. By the way, the Third Street South Farmer’s Market was recently named to a list of the best 101 Farmer’s Markets in the United States!

Music Events

You may already be familiar with Third Thursdays on Third, where you can enjoy live music along Third Street South on the third Thursday of each month. What you may not know is that a number of Third Street South restaurants offer live music on a variety of schedules each day of the week! At Sea Salt, there is a regular, rotating array of performers, nightly from 7 PM to close, with genres ranging from Oldies to Top 40 to Electronic Vibe. Give them a call (239-434-7258) to find out who the performers are on any given night. D’Amico’s The Continental has a set music schedule, with Life Sound playing jazz on Saturdays from 12 PM to 3 PM, the Rick Howard Trio on stage Sundays from 12 PM to 3 PM and Monday nights, and Link Montana creating the musical backdrop Tuesday through Saturday evenings. If you’re looking for weekend fun, check out Ridgway Bar & Grill’s outside courtyard, facing 13th Avenue South.  The front of Tony’s Off Third is a go-to destination for live music Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings. The schedule of performers is fluid, so check with them (239-262-5500) for specifics.

Art Exhibits

If you've ever wondered what Naples looks like from an entirely different perspective you may want to check out Neapolitan Moods—Florida through Russian Eyes. This exhibit runs until August 31, 2018, at Mercato, 9115 Stradea Place, #5130 in Naples. Plein-air impressionist painters Julia Kostova and Rustem Stahurski capture the charm of Naples streets and beauty of our coastline. Feel the warmth of the sun, the spray of the sea and tranquility under the shady trees in their captivating renditions of Naples. The artists created these collections on location specifically for East West Fine Art. For additional information check out the East West Fine Art website for this—and other incredible art offerings.

Animal Encounters

The Naples Zoo provides you with unique opportunities to get up close and personal with a variety of animals. You can go nose-to-nose with a bear; Eye-to-eye with an owl; or face-to-face with a penguin. Or—for something totally different—you can have the opportunity to engage in the friendly feeding of an animal that can eat 30,000 ants in a day. You can actually feed the zoo’s giant anteater, Dee Gee—feeding him a special part of his diet (Surprise! It’s not ants). Check out the zoo’s website for more information. Whether you want to bring the kids or the grandkids—or just visit yourself, the Naples Zoo will give you a whole new perspective on the animal world!

Sure, we’re approaching summertime when the temperatures rise a bit and drive some people away, but there is always something cool going on in the Naples area!


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