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The Essential Guide to Naples Remodeling Costs

Posted by Chris Reed on Jul 6, 2018 11:01:02 AM

Naples Remodeling The Essential GuideWhen you’re planning to remodel your Naples home you may want to check out the latest design trends for ideas and inspiration. You may want to see examples of what local remodelers have done in order to set expectations (and to choose a contractor whose work you like). But sooner or later you’ll want to deal with the question of cost. The thing is there are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating the cost of your Naples home remodel. We’ve pulled a lot of the important issues and information together in the Essential Guide to Naples Remodeling Costs. We hope you’ll find this helpful!

Calculating-CostCalculating the Cost

Naturally, every homeowner considering a remodel wants to know how that project is going to affect his or her bank account. Unfortunately, the answer to, "What's my remodel going to cost?" is often a rather frustrating variation on, "That all depends." How do you calculate the cost? Some of the biggest factors in the ultimate cost of your project are size, scope, complexity, and materials. Larger projects cost more. The complexity and amount of customization increase the price. The materials you choose for your project (whether it's flooring, cabinets, countertops, etc.) definitely impact your cost. Here’s an example of how that translates into dollars. This example is for three levels of kitchen remodels, but the principle applies to any room you may choose to renovate.

Cost-vs-ValueCost Versus Value

It's also important to draw a clear distinction between cost and value. Of course, you'll want to control your costs so that you don't overspend. That's just being smart. But it's important to remember that your main goal in remodeling isn't to get the job done as cheaply as possible. What you're really after is getting the most value for the money you spend. That means you'll want to focus on what provides more convenience, comfort, and enjoyment of your home. It also means taking a bit more of a long-term view of the process. Will you still be happy years down the road? Here’s an article that talks more about balancing cost and value. You don’t want to look back in a few years and say, “If only I had spent a little more . . .”

Avoiding-Costly-SurprisesAvoiding Costly Surprises

Surprises are great for kids’ birthday parties—but not so much when you’re remodeling your home. Nobody likes it when they budget a certain amount for their project and then suddenly find out that they are spending a lot more. Too often, homeowners are caught off guard by expenses they weren’t planning on. Here’s a post that highlights some of those common surprises in the remodeling process—and how you can avoid them.

UpgradesCost-Effective Upgrades

The upgrades you choose for your remodeling project can have a pretty significant impact on what you’ll pay. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade if the upgrades improve your comfort and convenience—and still fit within your budget. Choosing the right upgrades really goes back to the “Cost versus Value” issue mentioned above. That being said, not all upgrades are expensive. Here’s a look at some cost-effective upgrades you might want to consider.

Getting More Specific

General information about the costs of a home remodel are helpful, but you’ll likely want to get a bit more specific about the kind of project you’re planning to start. Here is some helpful information about specific types of projects. And while individual projects can vary dramatically (because no two remodeling projects are the same), these examples at least give you a range of prices depending on the size and complexity of the particular project you have in mind.

Kitchen-CostsKitchen Remodeling Costs

Kitchen remodels remain one of the top projects Naples homeowners choose when they want to improve or update their homes. But no two kitchens are the same, and people want different improvements in their kitchens. Maybe you’ll find a kitchen online that you really like. Maybe the remodeler even listed the cost for the project. But what will it cost you to do something similar in Naples? Here’s a look at what different types of remodeling projects typically run in the Naples area. Chances are that your exact specifications will vary somewhat—so your price will as well. But this at least gives you an idea of the range that you’re in. That makes it much easier to budget and plan.

Bathroom-CostsBathroom Remodeling Costs

If there's a room that vies with the kitchen for remodeling popularity it's probably the bathroom. So what should you expect to pay for remodeling the bathroom in your Naples home? Once again, the answer depends on exactly what you're planning to do. If you're planning to do a simple "face-lift" in your powder room, it's going to be a lot less expensive than a full-overhaul of your Master Bathroom. Here’s a post that looks at common costs for both “midrange” and “upscale” bathroom projects in the Naples area using data from costvsvalue.com (an independent source) specifically for this area.

Master-Suite-CostsMaster Suite Remodeling Costs

Maybe you’ve been planning to remodel your Master Suite. What should you expect to pay for that kind of a project? The folks at costvsvalue.com have collected information for that kind of project in the Naples area. As with other projects, the exact cost will vary depending on size, scope, and materials. Still, when you read this article about master suite remodeling costs you’ll see the assumptions made that drive the costs. As you add or subtract features and space, you’ll have a baseline for creating the budget for your master suite project.

Home Addition CostsHome Addition Costs

What if the project you have in mind requires an addition to your current home? Obviously, there are a number of things that will affect your cost (such as size, complexity, existing structural conditions, etc.). But sometimes there is simply no substitute for adding additional square footage. Here's a post that talks about the cost for a couple of different home addition projects of differing size and complexity. As you review the costs you can get a feel for where your home addition might cost. Again, this is merely a ballpark figure—but it’s based on actual data from projects in our area.

How-to-Talk-about-CostsHow to Talk to Your Remodeler About Costs

One reason that home remodeling costs surprise many homeowners is that they just don't know how to talk about costs with their contractor. People associate talking about money with "haggling" to get the best price. That's really not what should go on if you're dealing with a reputable remodeler. Remodelers don't like dealing with those kinds of surprises either. It's really helpful to have an honest and open conversation with your contractor about what things cost and why they cost what they do. This highlights the importance of choosing a remodeler you can trust. You really want to work with your builder to arrive at a solution that works well for both of you. Here’s a post that goes into some specifics about how to talk to your remodeler about costs in a helpful and stress-free way.

Those are some of the essentials for eliminating confusion around costs for remodeling your Naples-area home. Getting a good handle on costs is just one advantage to working with a design-build remodeler. The design-build process can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes. That’s because all information on construction methods and materials are shared within the team. Everyone involved with the project (from designers to builders) is aware of all of the details. Anytime there is an update the whole team (and the homeowner) is aware of the changes. Because everyone is on the same page, mistakes and re-dos are avoided.

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