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The One Regret Most Homeowners Have About Their Kitchen Renovation

Posted by Ryann Minkler on May 9, 2016 7:00:00 AM

The-one-regret-most-homeowners-have-about-their-kitchens.jpgIf you’re planning on renovating the kitchen in your Naples-area home, you really want to get it right.  Your kitchen is such a key component of your home. It probably gets more use than any other space in the house. It’s a workspace, an entertaining room, an eating area. It needs to look good, feel good and function properly. It’s no wonder the kitchen is one of the most commonly remodeled rooms.

You don’t want to have regrets when you’re done with your kitchen remodeling project, but many homeowners do. And what is the one regret most homeowners have? It might not be what you’d expect. What homeowners seem to regret most of all is settling for what they didn’t want.

That doesn’t mean you should simply plow ahead without giving a thought to your budget. Creating a realistic budget for any remodeling project is essential, and here’s a helpful post on the basics for doing just that. It’s possible that when you set your budget you may have to make compromises on some things. Maybe that six-burner, 48-inch industrial strength range or the subzero restaurant-style freezer are overkill. But there are some areas where you simply shouldn’t compromise.

What will make your kitchen beautiful, functional and comfortable for the way you live? If space is something you really crave and need, don’t settle for a smaller work area. You may save a few dollars now, but you won’t be happy down the road. If easy access to items stored at the back of your cabinets is important, spend a little more now for slide-out shelves. You’ll enjoy them for years, and if you don’t install them, you’ll berate yourself everytime you have to get down on your knees to reach that stock pot at the back of the cabinet.

It’s the same with drawers. Spending a few extra dollars on “soft-close” drawers and doors is really worth it so that you don’t have to hear the constant banging or stare at doors and drawers that didn’t close all the way.

Think about the features in your kitchen that get constant use: pantry doors, sinks, faucets, countertops. How do you want them to perform?Be sure you put in the right materials and appliances the first time. Here’s why.

Some homeowners don’t want to spend the money up front, and they justify the decision in thinking they’ll upgrade or replace down the road. But it rarely happens. People tend to stay with what they’ve got. And if you’re not happy with your decision at the beginning, you’re not going to be happy later on, either. On top of that, it’s sometimes more expensive to do an upgrade after the fact because you have to undo something that’s already been done (or built in).

Take your time up front to think through your “non-negotiables.” Then work with your builder to find solutions that deliver what you want. That’s one of the advantages of working with a design/build remodeler. The same company that helps you design your kitchen is the one who will actually build it. And sometimes yourdesign/builder may be able to come up with a less expensive way to accomplish what you’re after.

You don’t have to live with the regret of settling for less. Here’s a great resource for helping you plan the ideal kitchen for your specific needs. Identify what you want, then meet with a qualified designer to come up with the perfect plan—and don’t settle for less than you really want!


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