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The Ultimate Debate: Tub or No Tub???

Posted by Meriam Reed on Nov 22, 2013 5:50:00 AM

After spending years in the kitchen and bath industry I can easily give you the top ten things I hear most often from clients. The number one topic when dealing with the master bathroom is……Drum Roll Please……..Do we really need to keep a tub?Outdated Tub 2

A simple question with a not-so simple answer.

I find it very interesting that around 90% of my clients would prefer not to keep a tub, but they all think that it will hurt resale. What is funny is that everyone else thinks that everyone else still wants a tub. The truth is that number is getting smaller and smaller.

So….then what does the typical homeowner want? Over the past few years the idea of a large, hard-to-clean, hard-to-get-out-of, takes-too-long-to-fill-up, takes-up-too-much-room, don’t-have-the-time-to-sit- and-soak-all-day jetted tub is being replaced by more luxurious spa showers. Large showers able to accommodate two people, multiple shower heads, body sprays, rain showers, hand showers, steam, benches, niches, and all kinds of bells and whistles.

Spa Shower

So that brings us to the next question…Resale. That topic is a little trickier. It is easy to talk with my clients and ask about their preferences, their lifestyle and whether a tub is important to their design. But when you are designing for “resale” you have to design for a cross section of people who may or may not buy the house. This is when consulting with a Realtor might make sense, but I have a general rule of thumb. If it is a family friendly neighborhood where there are small children/grandchildren around all the time it is a good idea to have a tub (one…singular) available in the house. If it is more of an adult friendly community, where small kids are few and far between then showers tend to make more sense and are more accessible for that type of community.

Lyndsey Davis, Interior Designer NCIDQ Cert. #025575 IDS

As stated before, it is a simple question that does not result in a simple 

you use the bathroom. Do you have the space for both a large tub and a shower? Do you have time to use the tub? Is there another bathroom that could accommodate a tub so that you can incorporate a larger shower in the master? Are there kids, how old are they, will they grow out of bathing in a tub soon?answer. But the most important thing to consider is your lifestyle and how 

So many questions. The great thing is that there are also so many design ideas, creative options for bathrooms of all sizes with or without a tub, and that is where we come in!

Lyndsey Davis, Interior Designer

NCIDQ Cert. #025575 IDS

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