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Tips for Choosing Quality Cabinets for Your Naples Kitchen

Posted by Ryann Minkler on Aug 25, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Tips-For-Choosing-Quality-Cabinets-for-Your-Naples-Kitchen.jpgWithout question, the cabinets you choose for your Naples-area kitchen remodel play a huge role in the way your kitchen looks and feels. Like perhaps no other element in your kitchen, your cabinets dominate the landscape.

Obviously, you want them to tie in to your choices of countertop materials and flooring to create a cohesive unit. But there’s more to the story than just the look you create.

In addition to being the largest single component in your kitchen, your cabinets may account for up to 40 percent of your kitchen budget. How can you make sure you’re getting quality cabinets for your Naples kitchen? Here are a few things to look for.


Naturally, you expect your cabinet doors and drawers to function smoothly. And of course the hardware should feel solid and look finished. But functionality should extend beyond that. Are the components convenient? Is it a pleaure to get things in and out of the cupboards and drawers? Do they close quietly and securely? Do they make good use of the space they occupy?

Examine the Finish

You’ll want to take a close look at the finish of your cabinets, too. Ask how many coats of paint or stain were used to cover the material. Make sure the seams fit together well. Ask how long you can expect the material to hold up. Rough, unfinished interiors are an indication of poorer quality. Sharp edges or rough surfaces can catch your clothing or even your skin. Shelving that’s too thin can easily sag once you’ve loaded your cabinets with dishes or appliances.

Inspect Joints

Cabinets of higher quality will have solid wood drawers and dovetail joinery. Stay away from particle board that’s stapled to the frame. It won’t hold up to regular use nearly as long. Instead, look for solid-wood sides and a plywood bottom that fits grooves on all four sides. Also, check for full-extension drawer guides rather than integrated rails. The operation will be smoother and the drawers will last longer.

You’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to colors, finishes and even door styles. It’s a good idea to talk to a designer about what style really fits with the rest of your kitchen—and even the rest of your home. Bear in mind that a lot of kitchens today are open to other rooms in the house. So while your kitchen may be a room unto itself, it’s likely to be visible from other parts of the home.

As with so many other components in the kitchen, quality comes at a somewhat higher price. But in the long run, paying for higher quality can yield much more value. You’ll get cabinets that look and operate betterand that will last you years longer. And that is a real bargain compared to living with cabinets you don’t like and that have to be replaced much sooner.

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