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Top Elements for an Amazing Bathroom

Posted by Chris Reed on Apr 24, 2018 8:55:00 AM

There once was a time when bathrooms were the rooms that nobody talked about. They were more or less considered “necessary” rooms that you had to have in your home—but they certainly weren't highlighted spaces that received special attention when it came to designing them. Today's bathrooms are comfortable, soothing, and relaxing places to get ready for your busy day—or to wind down for the night. So what are the elements for an amazing bathroom in your Naples home?

Don’t Skimp on Space

The luxurious bathroom you see pictured here is one we remodeled for clients in the Naples area. And one of the first things you’ll notice is that they didn’t skimp on space. Having plenty of space creates a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere in the bathroom. Having something as simple as dual sinks means you can have access when it’s convenient for you. And having space in which to move is much more comfortable than trying to get ready for work (or bed) in cramped quarters. Even if you have to “borrow” room from somewhere else in your floor plan, it can be well worth it. That’s an advantage to working with a design-build remodeler who can look at the big picture and help you find the space.

Don’t Forget About Storage Space

Speaking of space; you won't want to overlook building in an adequate amount of storage space. The beautiful cabinets you see pictured here not only look nice, but they provide a great way to keep clutter down in the bathroom. There's space for storing extra towels that actually add a soft touch to the room. And the drawers and cabinet bases allow you to keep unsightly things (such as cleaning materials, makeup, shaving gear) off the counters. It simply makes for a much more welcoming and uncluttered space.

Focus on the Finishes

You don't have to settle for boring flooring or walls. You can create beautifully patterned flooring from stone or tile. Here’s a post that offers help on considering flooring options.  Even the fixtures for your sinks and shower can exude elegance and grace.

Create Comfort

You can create a comfortable environment with a few special touches. If you don’t like stepping out of the shower or tub onto a cold floor, you might consider heated flooring (yes, even in Florida!). Another bathroom feature that’s rapidly gained popularity is the installing of steam showers in the master bath. It’s a delightful luxury that’s relatively easy to install.

The shower you see here features multiple heads for added comfort . . . and more. Notice the built-in seating, the easy access, and the built-in handrail. Those are things that not only add comfort, but also safety for those who are thinking ahead about aging in place and remaining in their homes for years to come.

If you can imagine something you’d like to have in your master bathroom (such as built-in speakers for listening to music, or a television screen built into the wall for catching up on the news while you get ready for work or bed) we can help you make that happen. Talk to our imaginative and professional design team about what you want.

Adequate space, ample storage, quality finishes, and comfort are among the essential elements for creating an amazing bathroom in your Naples-area home.